Monday, November 09, 2009

Gone to the Dogs

I thought I would share a few videos of my "God-dogter," Twinkie. I'm sort of amazed to have fallen so deeply for this tiny little dog and the odd thing is...she's as nuts about me as I am about her! And she's so bossy, Mabel knows she has to take a back seat when Twink is around!

In this video, I am holding her...that's ME she's staring at like that!

And I've previously shared a video of the four canine girlfriends sharing a cup of cream at a coffee shop.... Alison??? Are you reading this??? This is all YOUR fault! Our dogs now expect cream when we go for coffee!

Anyway, Kat turned a recent excursion into a whole production! So here's Mabel Lou, Twinkie Twinkerson, Frankie Weenie, and Daisy Eatsalot* enjoying their cream:

*I should mention Daisy is Linguini a/k/a 'Guini's REAL given name. The name NEVER suited her. She was such a strange and quiet dog who, constantly wiggled like a wet noodle, hence her nickname. But Kat** has recently written a book about Twinkie. Since it is a children's book, she feared kids would have a hard time with the name Linguini. And so, publicly, 'Guini is called "Daisy."

**I've always felt the need to protect my friends' privacy on this blog. Now with the advent of Facebook and the fact that both of my close friend have very public careers, I'm not sure if I should drop their pseudonyms or keep them... Sounds like a good excuse to get together for coffee! And cream!

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Anonymous said...

That pup is so precious, just like a baby. And the cream video is funny. Thanks for posting!

and feel better soon!