Saturday, July 21, 2018


I'm in Baton Rouge to take my 95-year-old mother's car away from her. I feel like the meanest daughter on the planet. She's been crying since I got here, intermixed with fits of anger.She has a benign brain tumor, an aneurysm and she's banged up her 5-year-old ride at least 10 times. It's full of dents.  She says she's just going to go buy another car. Add in that she let her insurance lapse 3 years ago for about 6 months and now owes a $300 fine to the LA DMV and therefore, has no driver's license and you'll understand my concerns over my graying hair.

CH (looking in the mirror at my vast amounts of gray: Look at all my gray hair! YOU caused that! (I say to her, laughing.

Mom: Look at mine! It's solid white!

CH: Mine is from staying up all night worrying about YOU!

Mom: Mine too!

CH: Worrying about yourself?

Mom: Yep.