Friday, December 27, 2013

Vibrant December / Pink Christmas

Southern California blows my mind in December. It's a shame that I've lived here since 1987 and have only managed to spend a handful of Decembers in my transplanted home state.

Since we start to get a bit more rain, the clouds make for spectacular sunsets.

And the trees! December seems to be our "fall color" month and the trees seem to decorate themselves. I think it's one of the reasons I'm so unenthusiastic about decorating a Christmas tree... I would rather be outside, taking it all in.

Even a trip to the grocery store reveals trees in vibrant orange that go unnoticed the rest of the year:
These mulberry branches are so thick that Mabel and I hid out under them when we were caught in a sudden summer rain. We only left when we realized the stream was getting too wide to leap over. But in December, they are so bare, they wouldn't protect us from a sprinkle:
But they don't strip before putting on a show:
The crisp cool air makes the moon feel magical coming over the mountains:
It feels lovely to be hiking the North / South trail in the creek with the moon coming up on one side and sun setting on the other:

 Mabel is fascinated by the leaves, especially those floating on the water:

I love this shot because you cannot tell where land ends and the creek begins!

I thought I would tack a personal bit on about the holiday as my mother's Facebook minions that share everything little thing I post with her, will have gotten bored by now if they bothered to click over.

Mom somehow convinced herself that I was going Louisiana for Christmas. This freaked several in the family out! I think she truly didn't believe that I would leave her all alone the first Christmas after my sister died, even though I had begged her to come here for months. We had a very sad phone call on Christmas Eve when I had her check her caller and i.d. and "do the math" to realize... I simply couldn't make it to Baton Rouge for Christmas.

In the end, I think it's good for her to be alone with her grief a maybe start to realize her only family is in California.

Me??? I found myself having a pink Christmas! I eschewed my usual olive or forest greens with the occasional pop of red for...PINK. I think it was so I could wear this:

It was my sister's and I found myself wearing it everywhere. It made me feel like I was taking her out to see the sights of Christmas and to every party I attended. I think it might be my new Christmas color!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

About Her Other Nickname

All good dogs have many nicknames and I've written about Mabel's ad infinitum! I finally realized this particular nickname came into being - or shall I say was "earned" - a few years ago at our pal Chloe's hot dog party for the pack at the creek!

Mabel Lou was such a brat at that party, it's when the rest of our hiking buddies started referring to her as "Queen Bitch of Everything!"

She ran around and stole party hats. If the other dogs were rough-housing, she had to be the roughest. If things got too rough... a number determined solely by Miss Mabel's mood at any given time... she had to be the one to put the others in their place. She had to have the best ball... be in front of every hike.  I get it! My dog is bossy. And yes, she IS bitchy!

The other dogs just let her have her way... it clearly means more to her than the other, more laid back animals in our pack. They listen to her annoying scream barking; they roll their eyes behind her back; they feign respect.

So I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the gift the RottRovers gave her for Christmas! They had Millie and Walter's Mom, Cindy, make a kerchief just for the Queen!

I just love the bones and paw prints in the jewels of the crown! Here's a shot of the princess Queen modeling it while we were out to brunch:

Well, I guess if the title fits, she must wear it! Naturally, she tried to roll in the mud with it on! OY!

Don't be mislead by her innocent looks:
She earned her title!  She's certainly the Queen Bitch at home!

You can find custom kerchiefs in Cindy's Thread Craft on Etsy.

Friday, December 20, 2013


A few mornings ago, I decided my hair needed some camouflage, so after feeding Mabel her breakie, I headed for the shower. No breakfast and no coffee cuddle on the sofa with the girl. I did give her a stern lecture about not disturbing my shower.  She was on a dog bed in the corner of the bedroom and I hoped for a quick and quiet shampoo. 

To my surprise, I got one! No knocking on the door. But when I got out, Mabel was MIA! Huh??? 

I came into the living room, half expecting her to be lying by the back door, willing it to open. No, she wasn't there. Nor was she in any of her doggie beds. 

But just look where I found her:

Yes, somebody managed to get up on the sofa all by herself. She's never done that while I'm at home!  I guess she decided to have her coffee cuddle without me!

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Eyes of Love

Although her furs may be old and gray,
Pardon, I just don't see her that way.

No longer does she go run run run. 
Sunny naps are her idea of fun.

My confident pup loves friends and all.
Her ego dents when she takes a fall.

No longer the Alpha in her pack,
Lost her footing ending on her back.

Harder to brush off each trip and spill.
I see the steeliness of her will.

Yes she does grow older by the day.
Pardon, I just don't see her that way.

My eyes are blind by the love we've shared,
her companionship when no one cared.

More like me than I care to admit:
Stubborn, wild, loyal and full of wit.

The funniest dog I've ever met
She sure makes me happy, you can bet!

Still thinks she can catch a coyote - 
Must believe her own publicity!

Excited over treasures she finds,
"Horse d'oeuvres" on the trail will blow her mind!

Her swims are shorter, walks are slower.
Loves her bed for her eyes to lower.

No, no longer does she NEED to play.
Pardon, I just can't see her that way.

To me, she's forever shiny new.
My love, my friend, my girl through and through.

She's stuck by me; been my friend it's true.
Mabel will always be "Puppy Lou."

Pardon my blindness, colored by love.
It feels my pup was sent from above. 

I know the day will come when we part;
she will leave her footprints on my heart.

My senior dog with needs she makes known.
I get her a blankie of her own.

She disliked to be covered at night.
She grows cold before the morning's light.

You may see my old dog on the fray. 
But I will never see her that way.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

You Were Warned, Mabel Lou!

Most Californians are unnerved by the sound of glass doors rattling. It often sets off an ingrained fear response leftover from some earthquake and invokes a flight or fight (mostly flight) emotion. The sound of mirrored closet doors rattling is frequently the first warning sound that something is geologically amiss. I can give myself the heebie jeebies simply looking for something to wear! I have to remind myself that it is ME making those sounds.

The worst is when the shower doors rattle. That primal fear wells up and is made worse by the knowledge that I am cold, wet and naked and therefore in no condition to run for my life lest I scare the life out of the hundreds of school children across the street! I HATE that sound.

And yet, I've heard it almost daily for weeks now. No, we aren't having earthquakes. But my senior dog is having issues. She used to happily sun bake while I showered. Or jump onto my bed and wait where she could see into the bathroom. Since getting on the bed on her own is no longer possible (yet she can do it when I'm NOT at home...), she started waiting on her dog bed... a mere tail and a half's length from my bathroom door. But a few weeks ago that all changed...

About two minutes into my shower, she "knocks" on my shower door. Repeatedly. Since it doesn't stop, my fear wells up and I hurriedly rinse my hair or the soap only to realize that NO, we are NOT having an earthquake. My senior dog is having a senior moment.

It's even worse if I bathe at night... she knocks and knocks and knocks until I open the shower door and pet her, reassure her. I leave the door cracked so that she can make sure this shower has not become some magic disappearing mommy device... and she will stick her dang head under the shower to be close to me!! OMD!

If I can calm her down, do you think she would take the mere three steps to her comfy doggie bed??? NO... she waits right outside the miniscule bathroom door.

Today, I told her, "If you intererupt my shower, I'm going to take a picture of you and tell Blogville what a big baby you are!"

Don't even get me started on how hard it is to take a dang iphone pic in the shower... why doesn't that thing have a trigger button??? But here's my proof. My rottenweiler is a big ole baby!

You were warned Mabel Lou....

Monday, December 09, 2013

Spying on Her Sun Bake

Mabel Lou here, posting for busy Mom again...

She's quite proud of herself for sneaking up on me while enjoying my morning sun bake to snap this pic:

As IF I didn't know she was over there creeping about in the grapevines! Silly Momma!

She's still a busy bee... her Trunk thingy went well and I will have more foodables! Thank you if any of you popped by to like or comment... apparently that helps stuff show up on stupid Facebook!

And she wants the neighborhood peeps who check in here to know that this coming Sunday, she will be selling her stuffs at the Back Door Bakery. She's gonna take jewelry there so come on by!

She's also wanted me to show off a pendant she sold. She says this bead is a symbol for something called autism and lots of special people suffer with it. The lady who bought it asked Momma to make it ready to wear so she did. Momma says this is close to her heart. Not as close as me...but close!

Friday, December 06, 2013

Busy Doing Nothing - Mom's Trunk is Full

Mabel Lou here. Curled up in the sun in Mom's flower bed. Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to but it's freaking COLD here! And that's the sunniest spot in the yard.

Mom's busy ignoring me cause she's made a bunch of stuffs for a trunk show and for a show in da my favorite bakery where I go with Ruby for our old lady brunch! And get this Mom says I can't even go to the bakery that day cause she's gotta have her trunk! GRRR!

Anyway, she asked me to tell you guys about it but I can't be bothered to get out of the sun so I'm gonna paste some pics and text from her stupid bead blog!

Mom just saw what I wrote and pointed out that the green papers she  gets from the trunk are used to buy me kibble!!! So please consider buying a holiday gift or 37 from Mom cause I like my foodables!!!

Oh and Mom will turn any bead you fancy into a pendant!!!

This Snow man mini is a 99 cent auction today!!!

Even a hammered silver focal!!!


Including lots and lots of Bellflowers:

Finished jewelry (I made three necklaces and one bracelet just this morning! 
including several pairs of earrings ready for wearing or gifting! (These are MY fave!)
I have some really elaborate pieces as well as some simple pendants:

I have lots of glass bead addition to all the wine stoppers and bottle openers I've shared, I've photographed some of my fusing plates!

There will be plenty of focals too: 

This will be one of the 99 cent auctions:

Come on over and do some holiday shopping!