Monday, November 30, 2009

Station Fire - Still Coping

We are still dealing with the afterglow of the Station Fire. I've joked in recent posts about renaming Sunland "Ashville." What follows is more evidence to make my case.

A fine gray ash covers everything. But when our winds kick off, Mt. Lukens becomes a dark, gray cloud. That cloud then dumps on everything here in our little valley.

I typically wash off my porch twice a year...that's enough. But last week, after a windy night, I realized I'm going to need to wash it off a lot this year.

If you like it, write your name in it!

I swept a tiny section of my porch...

And this is the pile of dirt I got:

It's over an inch deep and filled a dustpan!

This is what I found in the driveway:

Hood of the car:

This is the windowsill of the jeep:
And this is what happens when you turn on the windshield wipers:
And even if you car is somehow clean in all of this, when you drive these dusty roads, you can see dust trails flying over your hood and off your tires.

Don't even ask me about the pool...

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Anonymous said...

I bet it gets in your hair, too! It's a clean-freak's nightmare.