Sunday, November 08, 2009

And the Fan Saga Continues

With the temps here in the mid-eighties last Monday, I was all over my fan issue. I called the company who explained the fans are older and there are no wiring diagrams, yet the person on the phone knew exactly how to wire it...couldn't they just mail out the info they read from? Or post it online? Wouldn't that be cheaper and paying someone to sit on the phone and read it?

I got it wired and called the Hiking Buddy to help me hoist it in the air. She brought the two pups and I'm in the middle of packing bead kits for my jewelry classes so all three dogs were locked out on the porch. So while we're hanging in the air trying to get the fan up - it wasn't fitting into the housing, Hank was scratching my back door to bits which was freaking me out and making me yell. And it was getting dark... More frustration.

Thinking it was a physical strength thing, I asked my neighbor to come over. He decides the metal housing is warped and proceeds to bend it to pieces, we finally got the fan together and ... the light didn't work. ARGH!

So Tuesday, I called again and sat on the phone with fan motor in my lap and verified brown wire to #2 in the junction box, purple wire to #4, three white wires spliced. And I was good to go again. I spent the next two days trying to get the motor back in the housing. (My neighbor was supposed to come back and didn't.) I called my godson who wasn't available until after dark... with the power off, that wouldn't work. So he agreed to come on Wednesday.

20 minutes after he was to be here, he called, upset. His dog was near death and needed to be put down and he had been dealing with that all morning. This was really upsetting - the second canine buddy I had lost in two days! Tommy used to run away from home when I first adopted Mabel. He would stand on my front porch at 2 am and bark and bark. I would let him in, he would get in bed with us and we'd all go to sleep and I'd drive him home the next morning. He will be missed!

That afternoon, my godson and I got the fan back together and ... it still didn't work. And I was just DONE. I called my electrician; he was available after 4. I drove to LOWE'S, bought a fan and my electrician came and installed it. When he took the old one down, the white splice had come loose. It was salvageable...

I had desperately wanted to fix the old one because, I don't have money to spare AT ALL. But I needed my overhead light to pack my kits for class and with the heat, Mabel and I both were missing the fan.

And true to my luck, Thursday, the temps were in the sixties!


Snowbrush said...

I'm sorry about your doggie friend, the neighbor not keeping his promise to help, and your frustration and expense. On the bright side (pun noted), you DO have a working fan with a working light.

Anonymous said...

doesn't that just make you want to beat the old fan to death with a hammer?

Anonymous said...

BTW, sorry about the dog. I know my turn is coming soon, and I dread it.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Snow... It's not as bright as my old one... but it works!

Janet, I just about did! I cut and snipped and dropped it's parts in the trash bin with great glee!

I worry about that w/ Mabel...It's gonna kill me!