Friday, November 06, 2009

The Neutral Answer

Almost a full month after I asked "the neutral question, " I've finally gotten an answer. The question was, when in a runaway vehicle, why couldn't you simply move your transmission into neutral, slow the vehicle and come to a stop?

Yesterday, ABC News reported that, yes, that is the proper and safest way to stop a runaway car. The reporter encouraged viewers to practice, saying it wasn't that easy. Having practiced this since getting my permit at the age of 14, I can say, it's not that difficult either.

They also advised stomping on the brake and not letting up.

So there....keep it in mind if you ever find yourself in a runaway car.


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Anonymous said...

I saw on the evening news a few days ago a piece about that runaway car with the stuck gas pedal, and some people have reported that their cars accelerate without warning and get stuck. It said the problems are mostly on post-2002 models. This is one time I'm glad I have an old car!