Friday, July 24, 2015

Macy the Blue

I promised myself that before I put up one more review, I would do the Macy update that... has been in my head for months - and months.  It's so hard to get enthused about this blog... Mabel was so damn colorful and something happened almost every single day. She was an entertainment riot! not. She's barely a dog!

Most of the time I don't even know she's there. She doesn't complain. Unless I'm in the kitchen, she's often not in the same room with me. (Funny, she just slipped into the office...) Her affections are few and far between...making me relish each and every one.

Macy the Badass

Macy got skunked back in March. While the chunk of flesh missing from her nose is obvious in this photo, the other damage is not.

There was a long streak cut across the other side of her nose and under her chin. And the primary smell zone (if you can call it that when you take a direct hit) was on the left side of her neck.  I'm pretty certain this means Miss Blue picked that skunk up! I thought Mabel Lou was badass... but Miss Macy has her beat....

Add in the time I rounded a bend on a mountain trail and found her PLAYING with a giant rattler! Yes, I marched her behind back for round two of rattlesnake training. Badass. Dumbass...I'm still not certain what I'm dealing with here.

Just 'cause I Let You Stand on My Tail...

Macy is constantly described as "stoic." Her vet, the rattlesnake trainers, friends, strangers use this term. Macy does not register emotion the way my previous dogs have. She limps with such a bob and weave that everyone who sees her will ask me what I'm doing hiking her. Yet on the mountain, she races with barely a limp! And she begs to go. It's the only time of day she gets excited. She doesn't get this excited over FOOD!

I knew when I picked Macy that I would have a problem with the height differential between the oh-so-super-model-tall Mabel and less than 1/2 her size Macy. I've nearly gone arse over teacups several times. But twice recently, I thought I was standing on the rubber mats in the shop only to find I was standing on Macy! Her tail once and her paw another time!

Neither time she made no effort to move, cry out or even let me know I was hurting her! Each time, as I realized it, I looked at her to find her staring at me, wide-eyed...but nothing else!

Emotions Are Not Her Forte

 Often when I have Macy out in public, people will tell me she looks sad. While she does have a worried look on her face... and her crooked eyebrows and ginormous jowls add to the perceived sadness, to me she often registers no emotion at all. Except...

The Big Boom Booms!!

The 4th of July was interesting. Terrifying for MB and blissful for me! Last year, Macy had been here barely a month. So instead of going up the hill to hang in the RottRover's front yard with creek buddies, I stayed home and swam and watched the local fireworks from the pool. Macy seemed fine.

I have no recollection of New Year's except I had the Swine Flu... I'm certain I took copious drugs and went to bed.  But this 4th... I went up the mountain to visit friends. I left Macy with the doggy door access but in the house, windows closed, a/c on and televisions in several rooms tuned to an easy listening station.

I returned home to a terrified pup. Shaking, drooling... and oh-so-affectionate!  This is the first year since I've lived in this house that the fireworks didn't start mid June. I heard the first one around 4 pm on the 3rd! But they have continued off and on. And some part of me is grateful!

Not only does she seek me out for comfort, I get cuddles and kisses and she'll nibble and play growl during the quiet times! And...she even slept with me the night of the 4th! ALL NIGHT LONG!  Happy mommy!

Play School

I read an article in Bark magazine about how beneficial play is to the relationship of dog / human (bonding/ sense of fairness / trust / shared joy) . Great. Whaddaydo when the dog doesn't know HOW to play?  Well, I'm a teacher and I'm not about allow lack of understanding in a subject stand in the way.

So, I've been giving Macy play lessons almost daily. I pick up one of her toys and race outside with it. I toss it in the air and catch it and run some more.  I roll in the grass. I pick it up and run in the house and repeat inside. And she's slowly joining me. There are days she clearly wants her toy all to herself. And I give her that. But there are days, she wants to engage me. She picked up her toy, glanced at me out of the corner of her eye and darted outside. I followed. We played.

And...the first few days we played... I got unsolicited cuddles on the sofa! Even better, it seems to carry over to how she interacts with the other dogs in the pack... Look at her chasing Wizard up there! She often got the toy that day!!

The Dog I Need

It's said you don't get the dog you want. You get the one you need. I've avoided most human relationships because I'm certain I'll be unappreciated at best and mistreated at worst. Macy seems to feel the same way about humans and not much better about most dogs. It's been thrilling to watch her choose to interact with dogs hiking or at the dog park. Recently, a stranger offered to pet her and she walked to her and stood there, getting pets and love! I just about cried!

I hear myself telling Macy, "Love doesn't have to hurt! There is someone who sees how wonderful and special you are!" And I hope it's sinking in for both of us!

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Happy Half Birthday Daddy

Happy Half Birthday Daddy! Today, you would have been 97 and a half... and this afternoon is the 40th anniversary of your death.

This day and the weeks leading up to it have been torture for me for 38 of those 40 years. I thought I was over it two years ago and last year it was barely a blip on my radar...but it's back with a vengeance this year. I realize that two years ago, I was distracted with Mom's new hip surgery and delighted to be back home in my own space. And last year, my Mabel passed and I had my hands full with my new girl Macy.  Distractions are a good thing apparently.

I know you wouldn't want me to be so sad all these years...but how can I not be?? I was a rude pubescent teen, punished by the lies of my mother, the misconceptions of my grandmother, who never understood the truth of you. The unconditional love and joy you brought to my life. What a shame to have the only a parent who thinks you are wonderful for a mere 11 years!

I'm so sorry for how rude I was before you died...not wanting to talk to you. I was an angry girl...those lies not making sense and I had to struggle to find my own truth, your truth, our truth. And even now, it's still unfolding...the things this love-child never knew.

I inherited a stack of childhood photos of me when your beloved only sister (my Sissy) died. The revelations they bring are sweet and tender.

I never knew we spent a Christmas together or that I spent any Christmas with your family... but here's your mom sitting in our living room the first Christmas I remember. Mother was taking too long to warm my clothes in front of the heater and after she got my shirt on, I could stand the wait no more. I raced, bare bottomed to see if Santa had brought me a trike...And that seat was SO COLD! But I was so happy to have it, I rode around the den with my naked behind in the air! And all these years later, I learn you and Sissy and Ma Pearl were a part of it. Just look as Sissy being a little mother hen as I ride!

Here I am putting on a show in Sissy's den and I'm pretty sure that's your knee in the shot, taking the photo. Why are there so few photos of us??? I know we spent so much time together... was your fear of exposure so great that there are only two photos of us in existence??? And your head is cut off in one of them. How sad.

Again in Sissy's living room... Mother's luggage on the floor tells me we were there to stay a few days. I always remember being welcomed with open arms. Your mother and siblings and most of their spouses accepted me with love. It breaks my heart that my brothers do not. I'll bet it breaks yours too. How could a little girl be a threat to grown men?

I loved finding this shot of me coming out of the office of the family plumbing store like I owned the joint. The stories of me tossing cash out of the register are legend and it's so sweet to see me your space.

So about your "half" birthday. The other day a real life friend on Facebook had bought a cake and had a party for her dad...who would have been heaven.  Seeing her video brought me so much joy. And I've been so sad, so broken, thinking of our time cut so short... that video made me realize I need to see it differently. I have to. You were born on the 9th and you left me on the 9th. So I've decided, from here on in, to celebrate how wonderful you were on your half birthday. Since you always loved a good party, I'm certain it's OK with you.

Happy Half Birthday Daddy. I love you!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Product Review: Solid Gold Beef Recipe Holistic Dog Food

Hello Good Peeps and Pups of Blogville! Macy Blue here! Momma's good shoulder has been acting up so here we are with our Chewy review on the last day of the month again...sigh.

This month I was asked to review Solid Gold Barking at the Moon Beef Recipe Holistic Dog Food. That was a mouthful!!  O.K. Momma.... I'm waiting.  Oh dear... we need a can opener???! Hurry Momma, HURRY!  Ah that's better!  Just l@@k at that deliciousness!!!

That's enough lookin! Let me taste it! LET ME TASTE!! Outside??? ARGH! Pawrents! O.K. Mom...I'm WAITING...

Here it comes!!!! 


OMD! That's good stuff!! WAIT Momma!!! I'm still licking the fork!

That was deeeelish! I think I need another taste Momma!

Oh gosh! That's soooo good!!! Oh Momma! Did you have to post the drooooool photo???

I know Momma always has her own opinions and she likes you all to know the gredients so here's Mom:

Macy loved this but I found the ingredients kinda long compared to our usual variety:
 Beef, Beef Broth, Dicalcium Phosphate, Cassia Gum, Carrageenan, Guar Gum, Dried Egg Product, Tricalcium Phosphate, Flaxseed, Potassium Chloride, Salt, Cranberries, Blueberries, Choline Chloride, Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Vitamin E Supplement, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Sodium Selenite, Thiamine Mononitrate, Cobalt Proteinate, Niacin Supplement, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin A Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Potassium Iodide, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid.
It is grain and gluten free, if you or your dog have sensitivities. And it's meant to be a stand alone full meal. I typically use canned food to boost the protein in kibble and wet it down...make a good gravy for the kibble.

My issues were the need for a can opener and the long ingredient list. It's been so long since I needed one, it took me a while to find one! LOL!  Some of the ingredients in this food are on the controversial list for dogs. Our current can food has only four ingredients. 

Solid Gold is priced $33.36 / 12 at this writing. Our regular brand is $18.70 / 12... so I see little reason to make the switch.

Back to Macy Blue

Yep...I think it's good stuff! Too bad Mom is so darn picky!

I loved it!

I'm giving Solid Gold Barking at the Moon Beef Recipe Holistic Dog Food four paws up and one dirty stare up at Momma for taking my can away! GRRR!

Momma gives it one thumb up and one down for ingredients, price and hard to open can. She did like that I enjoyed it so much...  Picky picky picky!

Neither Creekhiker nor Macy Blue were compensated for this review. Mr Chewy sent one case of Solid Gold Barking at the Moon Beef Recipe Holistic Dog Food for Macy Blue to devour... or not.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Traveling Dog

Hello Good People and Pups of Blogville! Macy Blue here, fresh from my vacay in Loosiana! I had a great time.

I wasn't so sure about flying....lotsa people around.

But Momma kept telling me I was OK and I believed her...but I think she slipped me some "funny cheese" to help me chill out! Momma said she really didn't like the accommodations on Delta - that the bulkheads were way too small compared to the other airlines she's traveled...but this was my first pair of flights. It was pretty tight!

But I loved being at my Granny's even if "someone" didn't walk me for the whole 10 days we were there!  But I got lotsa exercise. My Granny's yard is hooooge!!! And she's got lotsa lizards!

We went there cause my Mom hasn't made a trip in two years... she lost my angel sis Mabel Lou last spring and I had so many issues, Momma was uncertain about traveling with me. But Gran needed lotsa help around her big yard and house so we had to go. Momma stayed so busy! She trimmed the trees for three days! Hauled limbs to the street, chopped firewood, cleaned gutters, picked veggies, showed Gran how to use the weedwhacker. During the "heat of the day"... that's a joke but I think Mom means the middle of the day, she worked in the house. Cleaning, redoing Granny's clocks, fixing the stove, fixing the phones, etc. Momma just stayed busy busy!

But as for the heat of the day... it was always hot! Momma kept complaining of something called "flop sweat" and was always wiping her face with a towel.  She was changing clothes twice a day!  It was  hot even at night! This is me drinking some of my Granny's captured Loosiana rainwater:

Momma didn't like me doing that water bowl was a whole 'nother 10 feet away! Geez!  And don't I look hotified here:

The main reason I was so hot was I invented a new sport or lizard hunting technique called Hosta Diving. See that row of green plants??? Those are my Granny's hostas.

Momma said I reminded her of those snow foxes that know there is a rat deep under the snow and they leap in the air and dive under the snow. Only I knew there was a lizard in the hostas... so I would leap up and dive in and disappear! Momma and Granny laughed at my efforts until they saw the bounty of my hunts!

Even though we rarely left my Granny's no wifi zone... and Mom was too popped to walk me, we got to the dog park once... I made a friend and my Granny even came with...she's watching me from the shade back there... Every dog in the place loved my Granny! They all came up to her for pets. I got a little jealous at this one chichi that kept sitting in her lap...not that I want to sit in her lap or anything!

Momma did take me to meet my cousin Bailey who lives 10 houses from Granny. Seriously in the midday Loosiana heat, that was enough of a walk. We drove there a few times it was so hot. But I LOVED my cousin...he's so cool!!!  He let me play with his toys and we both try to "out pee" one another in the yard.

But the best part, was my Granny. She had spoiled me a bit here at Christmas but she spoiled me even more at her house. She was amazed that, now, I let her pet me! I've learned to trust the humans my Momma likes a bit! I even stayed alone with my Granny when my Mom had to run to the store and I didn't complain at all!

I really enjoyed my vacay but Momma says she hurts all over. She's moving mighty slow since we got back!

Friday, June 05, 2015

Not Feeling So Great

Hello good pups and peeps of Blogville. Macy Blue here. I spent the afternoon at the vets!  It was not fun! Momma has noticed I've been waking up gasping for air a couple times a night. She started to fear I had ingested one of those foxy tails...which would mean surgery! 

Since I had a vet appointment for Monday, Momma just moved it up. She's so efficient like that! The doc told Momma that my heart murmurs and it's kinda loud and that could affect my breathing! But they x-rayed my innards and found no foxy bits but did find inflammation and congestion in my lungs! Bronchitis!! I'm on auntie-botics for two weeks and they told Momma to steam me! I don't think she has a pot that big...not to mention that does not sound fun! 

And speaking of Aunties...MY Auntie Rottrover showed up at my vet! I was so happy, I climbed up and kissed her! Auntie and Momma talked sweet words to me while the doctor lady poked me over and over!

The doc says there is no treatment for my heart murmuring until I'm older and for now to keep exercising me! Yay! 

 So we went up the mountain...where my pal Buster had run off after a deer. Momma brought lots of cold water cause Bussie comes back exhausted...we only hiked a short ways before we found Bussie, exhausted in the shade, and Momma wore the wrong socks and was getting blisters...sigh. But I was hot hot hot and tired back at the car. 

If you can, say a little prayer for my bronchitis and that my murmuring heart never needs meds!