Thursday, July 31, 2014

Product Review: Natural Balance Dental Chews

Hi There! Macy Blue here. Back for my 2nd review for I was much more confident doing this review. I guess I'm settling into my new life. And I've figured out all I have to do is hit my mark and turn toward the light while enjoying a yummy from Chewy...well I guess that does sound a bit complicated but apparently, I'm a natural at this supermodel thing!

Chewy sent us Natural Balance Dental Chews in the Sweet Potato and Chicken Meal Formula with Mango.

My pal Sue was over and Mom was trying to share with Sue but found it was too difficult to hand out treaties and take the pictures... Sue ran off with hers. Mom couldn't even get a picture. I guess some pups are not cut out to be supermodels! But because Susie was in my yard, I inhaled mine!

Chomp  chomp chomp! These are the best pics my photographer could get!
The Natural Balance Dental Chews were such a big hit and we were out of my regular toothbrushes so Mom just kept using these...until she realized we needed another modeling session. Gee...if she doesn't get good pics, I hope I still get paid twice. Remind me to phone my agent, ok?

As you can see, I clearly love them! Mom says it's good that I have to work so hard at chewing them, cause they keep my pearly whites looking gorgeous!

Mom also really likes the shape and texture... the better for cleaning apparently:
Ingredients List: Sweet Potato, Potato Starch, Chicken Meal, Glycerin, Mango, Natural Chicken Flavor, Lecithin, Beta-Carotene (color), Parsley, Alfalfa, Sorbic Acid (preservative), L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (source of Vitamin C)

I'm still chewing!

I got a little tired working on it and had to lie down.

Now really, is there any more to say about these fabulous treats??

The Creekhiker Mom here: Macy really loved these. I really loved the texture. It made me feel like they were doing her teeth and gums some good! However, being on a tight income, these are out of my budget. at 19.99 for 12, that's $50 bucks a month! Which is my personal biggest complaint about ALL dental chews. They don't make it affordable for the average family to take care of their dog's teeth.

And my first negative for the site... they lump dental consumables in with toys and longer consumables (bully sticks and stuffed hooves) all in the same category. It makes it really hard to shop and compare for a pawrent in a hurry!

While we loved the product, we cannot afford them on an ongoing basis. :-( provided no compensation for this review, only 2 bags of Natural Balance Dental Chews for Macy to eat - or not. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

So You Don't Have a Bed in YOUR Car???

I was amazed at the number of comments from puppers who do not have a bed in their car yesterday! I don't know what made me put the bed in the car for Macy... I think I was washing beds after Mabel passed and was taking some to Hank and just left one in the car. But I remember thinking on adoption day that, just because Mabel could figure out her own bench seat, don't expect the next pup to do that.

I sprang Macy from Doggie Jail and walked her and put her in the car. She was asleep before we hit the freeway. She slept all the way home until I started stopping and turning in the neighborhood. That sweet pup sleeping coupled with the fact that she's so dang short made me leave the bed in the car. Frankly, she needs a few extra inches just to see out the window!

I'm amazed at how often she will just go to sleep in the car. Riding, waiting for me at the grocery... she just curls up and nods off!

And yesterday, after I got our schedules mixed up and was desperate to be out of the house (let's just say it involves something dead in my a/c vents!), I decided to kill time on the torch. I needed to make a custom set of beads and I was waiting for people to be up and about. As Macy rarely stays with me when I torch, I wasn't worried until I was done and couldn't find her. She had simply gone to sleep in the car! 

It's not the first time! I found her like this one night last week (very blurry as it was dark!)

I worry about her wanting to be in the car...sometimes she simply will not get out when we come home! I keep thinking she's trying to tell me to take her to her "real" home... but after all those comments, I'm starting to think she just likes the car bed!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Blanket Queen

The other day, I was changing sheets. I walked into the bedroom and found this:

The look on her face told me Macy thought she was in trouble. She was NOT. Instead, I curled up on the floor and told her how cute she was and what a good job she was doing holding those blankets down to let me make the bed.  

The next time I entered the room, she looked like this: She owned that blanket and she knew it!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Such a Girlie Little Thing

I'm still learning my new love - her likes and her (very few) dislikes.  We are growing into one another.  I was looking through photos of her and just love how often I catch her with her legs crossed.

She looks so girlie!

Here she is at the ocean:

And here she is in the backyard... waiting for her pal Otto to get out of the pool: