Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sofa Cuddle PRO

This morning I was making coffee and since a certain pup LOVES coffee, I expected her at my feet... But she wasn't.  I turned to go in the living room...no Macy. Hmmm. I go on the back porch. No Macy. Puzzled, I come in and only then do I notice she's already on the sofa....where we have the coffee. And not only that...she's on HER side, saving room for me! I can't tell you how my heart explodes with joy over this girl. What a character! What a blessing!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Fine Art of the Cuddle

Look who finally has it all figured out! All it took was putting Mabel's "separate but equal" softie blankie on the sofa! For three days now, I've been getting cuddles on demand!

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Saturday, October 04, 2014


Is this thing working? Oh! There you are!   Ahem.... Hello there good peeps and pups of Blogville! Macy Blue here!

Just thought I would try to post cause my mom has been super busy teaching kinder and first and from what she says, I think I was easier to teach stuff to. She comes home and all we do is sleep, eat, go for a walkie, cuddle a bit and sleep some more. She's been no funballs at all!!!

I on the other hand have a  mega yard to protect from all species of lizards and I even chased off a rat last week! Mom says she's really proud of me cause she's found me sleeping on the sofa a few days....I'm getting over my fear of it for sure. It's hard not to when the human gives you treats every time you get on it!

She also seems to like it when I dig through the dirty laundry and put it in my bed. I swear, the weirdest things make her happy!

But I'm doing good and loving my new life and I have been nagging Mom to read more bloggies on her stupid eyepad thingie at night.  Hope you folks are all swell!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ocean Trips

I keep thinking I'll get a post up about our ocean trips every single time we go... and I never do!
The Rottrover kept telling me how much the ocean changed Otto Rotto and I can honestly say it's changed Macy Blue as well. 

Macy with "her boys," Otto and Wizard, on her first trip to the ocean.

I must admit, I was a bit afraid of taking her. She hates the pool in spite of several of her friends coming over to enjoy it this brutal summer. Could she / would she swim? And more importantly, how would a dog who had been ignored and abused react to the expectations of her staying with the pack? And coming when called?

The little girl dove right in like she had been an ocean dog all her life. I've since realized, she prefers to barge headlong into things she knows nothing about. Oceans, ponds, cactus or the hallway, she needs to be in front, figuring it out as she goes. Even if that means she struts along looking behind her for some indication on my face as to where she should be going! OY!

But with Otto and Wizard to show her the ropes, she was, for the most part, fine. Otto is teaching her to play. And Wizard reminds them both to be kind to smaller dogs in his own gentle way. He herds the herding dogs! I've also learned that Macy is a very social dog... she wants to meet every dog on the beach - whether they want to meet her or not!  So, she spent a lot of that first trip on her leash, longing:

Oh was she ever tired that first day!  I've got a whole series of beach hangover pictures!  But by our third trip, her three day hangover was down to one!  That tells me our daily walks, and good food are getting her in great shape! What a fine hiking buddy I'm going to have!

She was  a bit more relaxed and listened much better by her second trip, above and below.
And the ocean makes her so very happy:

These next few are from our most recent trip. I just love Wizard's hair flying:

 This trip, she listened and generally came when called! I was so proud of her! Macy chasing Otto:

My happy girl running toward - not away - from her pack:
After this last trip, I feel like I brought the wrong dog home. She looks like Macy and comes to that name but she's affectionate!  From the day after that trip on to this, The little blue girl comes up to me and demands pets and gives me generous kisses. I'm still only allowed 30 seconds of cuddling on the floor with her at night... but morning cuddles and bedtime cuddles have gotten longer.

It occurred to me that as of the date of this trip, Macy Blue had lived with me as long as she was in doggie jail. I think that maybe, she's starting to realize this new life is here to stay.