Sunday, April 13, 2014


Imagine my shock when my precious girl comes out of the brush with THIS!

Ewwwww.  And trust me,   it smelled worse than it  looked!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Do I Really Have to Do This AGAIN?

Mabel Lou here.

I have something most serious to discuss. Once before, I sought out candidates for my Mom's #1 job... Taking care of me! My Mom is falling down on the job AGAIN!
Ruby: Oh jeez, Mabel! Whadshedo??? Forget where to leave your EXACTLY THREE pieces of kibble on which bed? Oh the DRAMA!

Now I admit, if you read the list of my job requirements for a Mom, I DO sound kinda high maintenance but...

Ruby: Kinda??? Pft!'s not easy maintaining a titled position such as mine! Not everyone can be the Queen Bitch of Everything. But royalty is my lot in life and I cope with it as best I can.

Bart: Oy Mabel Lou... Your Mom is pawsome! She gives great ear scritches and belly rubs and cuddles! 

I know my present Mom "sounds" good on paper. She does do a lot for me and she's even recently taken a job she probably would never have taken just because it allows her to be home during daylight hours to walk me at the creek. She claims she misses her old film industry 18 hour a day jobs and the beaucoup bucks she made but feels she owes it to me to maintain my creek hiking needs.
Bart: So whadshedo??? Take one of those long hour jobs???

No, not that... she's home at a reasonable hour. And I nap on the sofa with my fans on while she's gone.

Otto: Well I know she still gets you out to the creek...we hiked together just two days ago... 

Ruby: We haven't been going to breakfast... Are you mad about that??? I thought you just had company... Is it lack of BACON??? Now, we might have to have a meeting and straighten your mom out if it's lack of bacon!

No... it's not just bacon... My doc says my mom is not feeding me enough food! I'm underweight!

{Laughter ensues.... and continues}

Stop laughing.......... STOP LAUGHING!! You do not laugh at the QBoE!!!!

Barticus Farticus: (still laughing) Mabel, I know ya Granny was just here... I KNOW she brought ya a ham... My mom even took a picture:
L@@k atcha practically licking ya granny's plate...biscuits and Salmon. The only kind of salmon I get is when I steal a can and bury it... That can's not very tasty. But you! You get cooked salmon AND biscuits and ya say ya Mom isn't feeding you enough??  REALLY??

REALLY! My doc said so... I'm losing weight ever since Mom cut my food back a few years ago when I topped out at 103. Now, I'm down to a paltry 83! My doc wants me to weigh 87 - 89. And it's MOM'S FAULT! SHE HAS TO GO!

Barticus Farticus:  But Mabel! Dats the easiest fix in the world! It's not like our pal Chloe who needs to lose 20 pounds. DOH!

Ruby: You don't need to find a new mom for that! 

Otto: Yeah and who else would do all your mom does for you for a sliver of the of the bed? Even I give my pawrents more room than that!

She's gets kisses too!...sometimes. Being with me should be worth all the work it takes to maintain me!

Bart: But your Mom loves you! You would break her heart if you fired her! 

Ruby: Oh Gawd! I can hear the crying on our walkies now! You CAN'T do this to her Mabel Lou!

Otto: Seriously old girl..


Otto: Mabel, no disrespect but, you would miss your mom! Nobody's gonna love you like she does! And you will never love anyone like you love her... and I KNOW you love her!

Barticus Farticus: Cantcha just have the vet tell her to feed ya more? 

Well I guess I would be better off keeping her... Good help is so hard to train!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Told You She Shares

My mom has been in town from Baton Rouge to celebrate her 91st birthday with Mabel Lou and I. My bestie and her sweet mother-in-law cooked dinner for us twice while Mom was here!

I didn't want the pups bothering the older ladies. Since the property is huge and Mabel is nosy and does not see fences as a boundary, I placed her bed in the courtyard and tied her to the table, knowing Bart would hang out with her.

But I didn't know he would steal her bed!

And my sweet girl didn't seem to care! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Crafty Wall Hanging

It's been forever since I posted something crafty here. And since the bead blog is about beads and the stamp blog is about stamps... and this is neither, I thought I would share it here.

I don't remember what artist did this on Carol Duvall, but it's just my kind of craft... it looks nice and is super easy to make! It's one of the few things I saw demoed during the week and went home and made it! Mine is starting to look a little worse for wear but it has been hanging on my wall for 14 years!

Save for the pieces where white is looks like stone. Here's what you need:
  • Water Putty - from Lowe's or Amazon 
  • Scraps of 1/2 styrofoam
  • 16 or 18 g wire
  • Scraps of felt same size as Styrofoam
  • Putty knife
  • Soap or candle mold...something decorative and small
  • White or Styrofoam glue
  • Thinned brown paint or brown ink
  • Paint brush
  • Paper towels
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  1. Mix some water putty as per directions on box. Pour into the candle / soap mold and allow to harden. When dry, remove from the mold.
  2. Cut your Stryofoam into desired shape. I used a rectangle and two squares. 
  3. Cut your felt to match your foam shapes. Set aside. 
  4. With putty knife, spread water putty onto the sides and front of your foam shapes. Messy looks more rugged, like a real piece of stone. 
  5. Spread a little putty onto one of the shapes from the mold and press into the front of the foam piece. I used three leaves on my rectangle and only one on the squares. 
  6. Let everything dry. 
  7. If using acrylic or house paint...thin it down with water. Or use brown stamping ink. Brush on and rub off with paper towels to age the putty. Think about shadows and light... where would the relief piece naturally be darker??
  8. Glue the felt over the back. 
  9. Cut a small piece of wire and bend it into a wide V from the middle. Grab one end of the wire about 1/4" from the end and bend it back up toward the middle bend but away from the overall wire piece. (See illustration below.) Repeat on other end. 
  10. Insert wire through the felt and into the foam to hang the piece from 
    This shows shows the bends in the wire from the front and the side. The little end is inserted into the foam and big bend serves as a hanger.
      The beauty of a piece like this is that it looks much heavier than it is yet it can be hung from a sheet rock wall with something as tiny as a brad nail.