Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Such a Girlie Little Thing

I'm still learning my new love - her likes and her (very few) dislikes.  We are growing into one another.  I was looking through photos of her and just love how often I catch her with her legs crossed.

She looks so girlie!

Here she is at the ocean:

And here she is in the backyard... waiting for her pal Otto to get out of the pool:

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Alarm Clock

Every morning around six, this wakes me up:

Once I'm awake, my "clock" does this:

While my clock is reliable, she is also frustrating and oh so cute!

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

To Catch A Thief

The Creekhiker Edition:

I came home from the store with a fresh bag of carrots and tossed an old, not so fresh bag of carrots on the floor along with a bag of onions past their prime. It was blazing hot and there was no sense in making the trek to the greens bin in the midday sun.

The next time I came into the living room, both were in Macy's bed. I placed both on top of the recycling bin in the kitchen and didn't think any more about it. Later, working on the computer, I heard crunching noises. I ran to the living room and found her enjoying the carrots! Raw! Remember how Mabel Lou wouldn't even eat carrots cooked in chicken broth??? Well, now I know I'll never run out of dog treats!

The things that Macy will eat astounds me! Basically, if I eat it, she wants it! She is insane about coffee and stalks me until I hand her the dregs of my morning cuppa! Her Auntie Rottrover caught her drinking an iced coffee... black, no sugar! She eats tomatoes right out of my hand, fresh picked from the garden!

This is her reaching for cantaloupe! After sharing quite a few pieces with her, I later caught her with the other half in the middle of the kitchen floor... chomping away!

And don't get me started on the other stuff of mine she wants: my dental floss tucked under my swim towel by the pool or  a glass bead wrapped up for a customer. The other day, I started for the car and realized that she wasn't with me... a first! She was digging up the spot where I hid my house key!

The funniest part is...her mouth is really too big for her head. My bestie says she has a clown mouth... and it's true! Little bits fall out the sides all the time!  This is leftovers from the great carrot heist:

Monday, July 07, 2014


Macy Blue here. I'm waiting. I'm always waiting....

Waiting for my lady person to feed me, waiting for her to drop something delicious on the floor, waiting for a walk, waiting for her to open the back doors so I can get those lizards, waiting for Otto Rotto to come visit. There's a lot of waiting.

 Gah.... I'M SO BORED. I.MAY.DIE!!!!


Sunday, July 06, 2014

Was She Even REAL?

In the weeks since Mabel Lou passed, my emotions have been all over the map. I keep asking myself was she even REAL? I know she was but...it all feels like a dream. Irrationally, I seek evidence of her everywhere.

Her hair will never leave my house. Or her beloved Jeep. I hiked down to the waterfalls and found the last stick she played with. It stayed in the car until Macy came to live with me. The creek dried up and I went to where I knew Mabel had buried something she didn't want me to know about. I reminded her I knew of her hiding spot every time we passed there and she would cross the creek and check on it. I started digging and found a blue ball. It's in the car now. Silliness... but I needed proof of her. I needed to have every tangible bit of her.

 The Last Stick Rescue

I miss the strangest things. I miss arguing with her. Macy is BEYOND agreeable. Mabel and I would argue over which trails to take, when I worked on the computer, when I torched, when I went to bed. It's almost annoying to be with a dog that has no opinion about my life!

I miss her sense of play. Macy has no idea how to play. I scare her when I growl at her or hide from her! Mabel loved a good game of chase or hide and seek. She played bitey face with me (something I don't dare do with Macy! She doesn't even like me to kiss her!) and ball. Mabel loved her toys - had relationships with them! She was always doing something. We had so much fun!

(These two photos came out of my phone this way... At the time, I thought they had a ghostly quality!)

I miss cuddling. Macy does not cuddle. I thought I hated sleeping with a dog... but I sure miss being able to reach out and touch Mabel when I have a bad dream. I've had so many bad dreams these last few months.

I miss the creek... Macy is still working her way through rattlesnake shots and training. I'm not sure I'll ever make it back. With Mabel, I always feared she would meet her end via coyote. But she was big and strong and would kick ass and take names! She truly was the Queen Bitch of Everything! So Bossy! So Demanding! Despite my fears, I had a deep sense that Mabel would be OK.

But Macy is so small and I love her so much. I feel I need to protect her out in that vast wilderness. It's very different hiking with a much smaller dog!

I know my life has shifted and I'm having a hard time finding my footing. I don't expect Macy to be Mabel... or Maggie...Or Milly. She'll find her own place...we'll find our own way.

But I miss my Mabel Lou...so much...so bad.