Sunday, November 15, 2009

Raising a Dog the Easy Way

My BFF always looks for the easy way to do anything. I admire this quality in her. And while pets have been a part of her household ever since I've known her, she's finally found an easy way to have a dog.

Meet Bart, her part time dog:

Bart lives around the corner from the BFF. His people work long hours. Bart gets lonely. Bart knows how to escape. And he somehow figured out that:
a) The BFF works at home
b) Her house has a doggie door
c) She's always glad to see a canine friend or
d) All of the above.

If you guessed d... you're spot on!

So, the BFF has a dog. He often bounds in the doggie door and on into their bedroom before she and the Sportsman hubby are out of bed. He gets fed raw carrots while she and the Sportsman have coffee. She's trained all of her canine friends that stop by for visits to like them...Mabel would be her only failure in this!

Later, in her office, Bart curls up under her desk. If it's a pleasant day and she leaves the front door open, Bart stands guard sleeps under her baby grand in the living room. After supper, he curls up on the sofa between her and the Sportsman (so both of them can love him up at once).

He is very protective of her. He doesn't like anyone, human or canine, too close to her. This prompted a he-male, alpha-dog stare down between Bart and the Sportsman. Bart lost and has been much better ever since. Should the BFF need to run errands, Bart jumps in her car and goes along. If she tries to leave him, he chases her car to the big boulevard! She doesn't leave him ever, now.

Late in the evening, after he is sure his people are home, Bart takes off. Some nights he stays rather late though and the BFF and the Sportsman walk him home. He's always happy to see his people. But he's always back the next day.

And the best part??? The BFF doesn't have to pay to feed or groom him or take him to the vet. His people do all that...and they drop off food at her house from time to time!


Anonymous said...

Nice! But, I'd be jealous if it were my dog and he seemed to like the neighbors better than me. Beautiful dog!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

For me, this just drills home that dogs are pack animals...they thrive on company! Bart just has a day pack and a night pack! LOL!