Sunday, November 22, 2009

Only Fun Stuff Today!

Mabel Lou here. I don't really like my mom blogging every day. This November blog crap is for the squirrels!

I forbid her from coming near the computer cause it's Sunday and there's lots of fun stuff for her to do today.

She needs to take me out to breakfast.

She can play with me.

She loves to brush me.

She relishes running in the mud with me.

Copyright 2009 Isabelle Thompson.

Oh and it's my Auntie's birthday - the one that took this picture. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! )

It's a great day; what are YOU doing on the computer??? Don't you have a doggie to love???


rottrover said...

Hi Mabel!! We love that you barred your mom from the computer. We're gonna follow suit. Maybe we'll see you later at the creek!!! WALK! WALK! WALK!!!
We love you,
Bart and Gizmo

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Hey Bart and Giz! Wish I knew what time you were going...I might be able to talk Mom into a 2nd hike today!

We went upstream this morning and found CLEAN water!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cheat! Cheat! Having someone else blog for you is cheating!

Unknown said...

Hey! Glad I checked in again today. I would have missed my mom's birthday wishes. I won't even bother asking her, I'll come right out and shout it: we love you tooooooo! And Mable toooooooo! Hike, hike, hike, hike ROFL I love Only Fun blog days!