Saturday, August 30, 2014

Product Review: Dr. Tim's Natural Beef Liver

Hello there good peeps and pups of Blogville! Macy Blue here! Time for another review! I must say, I'm really starting to get into this modeling gig! Here goes my review for Dr. Tim's Natural Beef Liver.

I seriously think the good folks at Mr. Chewy should hire me a better photog though. My mom's skills are lacking:

She wasn't even focusing on my face... but the basil leaves... she can focus on those! OY! She can stay on as my assistant for sure. After all she knows my feeding schedule and she's really good at ordering from Mr. Chewy and opening boxes. 

Speaking of Mr. Chewy boxes, I have to tell you about Dr. Tim's Natural Beef Liver. I was on alert from the moment Mom opened this box! BoyOhBoy, is that some good stuff!

Mr. Chewy's website lists all the ingredients... all ONE of 'em! BWaHaHaHa!  Yessirree, Dr. Tim's Natural Beef Liver contains 100% Freeze Dried USDA inspected beef! That's it! Mom says she would slice them up for training treats give them to me whole at least 20 times a day.

I could NOT wait to get my lips on some! As I mentioned, Mom had some issues giving me one and getting a pic of me eating it... cause I hoovered them down so fast!

I'm hiding one in my cheek while imploring Mom to toss me another here:

Com'on MOM! Don't make a girl BEG!

PRODUCTION! I'M DROOLING HERE!  You can't make me wait that long between shots!

Well, now that was a money shot if ever there was one... I guess Mom gets to keep her job! Just L@@k at that tasty, delectable Natural Beef Liver chew flying through the air!!!

Mom added this one just to be sassy... she says I have devil eyes! They are delicious eyes Mom... that's the look of bliss!

Neither Creekhiker nor Macy Blue were compensated for this review. Mr Chewy sent one box of Dr. Tim's Natural Beef Liver for Macy Blue to devour... or not.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

72 Days

If I have one complaint about my Macy Blue, it is her lack of affection. I've never encountered a dog who doesn't figure out I'm the lady with magic fingers and demand my full attention at every opportunity...until Macy.  Even strangers dogs have sought me out for pets!

If I've questioned my choice in getting another dog so quickly after Mabel's passing, it has been over this issue. She is not affectionate. Oh, if I come near her, she rolls over and offers her belly. But that is a sign of submission, not affection. And frankly, I feel way too old to be on the floor all the time. I want a sofa dog and I want one NOW.

But there are signs... I have her undivided attention in dog class (even when the cookies are not out!).

She hates getting separated from me on the trails (thanks to her getting lost once).

There has been a nap on my bed...ONE.  Otherwise she acts like I'm plotting her murder when I ask her to come up. She has obliged - four times. For cookies. And then jumped down.

She comes on the sofa now...if there is food or coffee involved.

She does give a goodnight kiss upon request... I liken Macy to dating the awkward male. He's fine with a little petting but as soon as there's any indication of feelings involved, he'll make a weird joke and ruin the moment. I get down on the floor every night after dinner for "cuddle time." For precisely 30 seconds, I'm allowed to pet my dog. Less if I get too close to her face or if she feels cornered.  Then she goes to chew her bone, tail wagging, until I return to the sofa.

This is an improvement. At first, the bone chewing was preceded by zoomies outside. After several weeks, the zoomies stayed in house. And now, she doesn't need to zoomie.  But the 30 seconds has not changed...

Aside from my allotted time, there is no real affection to speak of. I cried so hard today looking at Mabel Lou's Year in the Life posts... I was looking for my own medical history and I remember it better in terms of my dog than myself. And seeing that precious girl who, even though I swore I hated her, she loved ME! And she needed my pets and attention daily. From  day one.

On day 72, I was on the sofa and Macy was in her bed. She got up, came to me, got my attention and curled up under my hand. That was the first time she asked me to pet her. She's asked a few more times since...but not every day.

I know Macy's history is strange. I feel she's not accustomed to human hands and the comfort they can bring. She's just thrilled to be inside a house, with a bed beds of her own,  good food twice a day, lotsa cookies, lizards in her yard, friends, restaurant visits, and daily walks. These are all things I'm certain she's not had...well someone fed her but that was pretty much it.

So I have to keep going to her, offering affection I know she doesn't really want yet. They say you get the dog you need. Apparently, I needed a dog who would make sure I could still touch my toes throughout my fifties.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nuttin Much and Everything Bittids

I haven't been posting much. Nothing is really wrong but everything sorta is... So I'm posting a Bittids to hopefully make me snap out of it!

The reasons I'm not blogging:

  • Some of my commenters are SO prolific! When I take a few days off and I go to your blogs, I'm overwhelmed.  I want to be polite and comment on the blogs that are written by the folks that comment here, but some of you blog every day. And some of you are long winded...adding to my sense of being behind.
  •  My Iphone screwed up my pictures. For some reason, it started renumbering photos shortly after I got Macy and places new ones in random spots in the folder. So I have to scroll through tons of Mabel pictures to get to Macy ones and then Macy's pics are scattered randomly here and there. It's all very confusing! And I should just take Mabel's pics out of my phone. But I'm not ready for that it's too soon I just can't won't... But it makes looking for pics of the little black dog really hard. sigh....
  •  I've been making A LOT of beads! I had the stupid idea that with school starting last week, I would have a paying job. With sales on Facebook being good, I had the urge to build up my inventory for when I was working. It's been a week and... when do teachers EVER miss the first week of school? Month of school???  So I'm still making beads as it's my only source of income and the coffers are getting low without sub work!
  • Training Macy is time consuming - I would really like to get her a Canine Good Citizen and we work on something every single day. And go to class once a week.  She has rattlesnake training next weekend. I'm so afraid for her...she's so tender hearted. But her interest in reptilian things tells me it must be done! 
  • It's been a terribly sad year for our pack -  This year has SUCKED dog - wise / pack - wise! I was talking with my hiking buddy the other night and tallying up the dogs we've lost this year and well, it feels like everyone we know has lost someone!  From our immediate pack: Mabel, her buddy Hank and now our friend Chloe has bone cancer. Extended pack: Twinkie, her sister Linguini and two more goldens we sometimes hiked with: Millie and Max. That's a lot of dogs and a lot of loss. I feel like I've been beat up and the licks keep on coming.
  • No hikes = unexciting non-adventures - I'm not really going to the creek. Macy is only in the beginning stages of being off leash ready and between her lack of rattlesnake training, no water in the creek and, well, our pack is never's lonely out there! Funny, but I used to go there because I saw no one. Now, I hate to go there and see no one! And neighborhood walkies, while good for training, are pretty boring. I could tell you about my Alzheimer's neighbor who asks me the same questions every time I see her, or the lesbian dog walking team...but you probably have the same in your neighborhood. 
And that's all that's going on in our little world.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Chewy Is Da Bomb!

We love for reals... They have been so kind to us... Mabel, then Macy, and ME!

Not only do they go above and beyond to please... even when I made a mistake in ordering!  They are just an amazing company.

I wrote of the beautiful flowers they sent when Mabel died. But I haven't shown you the package I got a few weeks later. In it was a painting of Mabel Lou:

Isn't that sweet? I just sat down in the floor and cried when I opened it!

Then, the other day, the doorbell rang. I opened it to find a box from Chewy. Huh?? We hadn't ordered and it was the wrong time of the month for review products. In it was a bunch of beach gear!

There was so many goodies in the box, my head was spinning!  And Macy just seemed to know some of it was for her too! 

A big beach towel, coozies, a water bottle, wristlets, sunglasses, a beach ball (which I'm sure Otto rotto will LOVE). There were some office supplies too! A mouse pad, pens with stylus tips for ipads and post it notes! 

And four bags of treats!!! Macy was over the moon!

Thank you Chewy! You don't have to bribe us send us stuff. We love you so much anyway!!!