Friday, May 28, 2010

Working My Way Back / POPPIES!

I'm slowly coming back online... still have no software to speak of and am trying to figure out what is needed in order of necessity. I hope to have those issues settled this weekend. I'm having a "Mama needs some new software" sale on my Artfire shop to try and get some income coming's been a rough and expensive month for me. Coupon code "computer" gets you 25% off.

I also wanted to mention that many units of the American Legion will be out in force this weekend selling poppies to raise money for their disabled veterans programs. If you are shopping in Baton Rouge this weekend, you're likely to meet one of my relatives selling poppies.

Be a dear and help them out. The money goes to a great cause.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

On Life Support

My big old desktop beast of a computer is on life support and death is imminent. She's had a good run and I've suspected for some time she was on her last leg. I just LOVE how all these expensive repairs hit at the worst financial time.

I do have a laptop but it's mostly used for business bookkeeping. It's NOT fast and I can't edit photos on it... So, I will be invisible for a bit.

I've got much to share... Can't wait to tell you about my other Gabe prizes and the one I'm making... but need a bigger computer for! UGH!

I would love to share my Friday with you. Check out Twinkie's blog... I was there! I'm very proud of my dog boy!

In the meantime, the little Creekhiker and I are still on the trails...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mabel & the Rocketman

I wrote about all we did in the crazy 46 hours Becky & the Rocketman were here over on the Folly blog (Monday morning allergy stupor left me with nothing to say over there!) But I HAD to put some pictures here.

When we pulled into the driveway, Mabel was in a deep sleep in the garage...VERY deep! I called to her and she groggily lifted her head, saw the Rocketman in my backseat and made a beeline to him. After a wet embrace in the driveway, she allowed RM and Becky to unpack and then she spent a lot of time in a position I RARELY see. Seriously, Mabel Lou does not do submission! Unless Rocketman is around:

She had him scritch her ears

and rub her back

and turned into the demanding beeatch we all know and love when he dared stop.

They played on the floor

and when he sat in the chair, she ran and got her elk antler to "show off" her skills

And she even found a little love for "the other woman" in Rocketman's life. Mabel loves Becky. She loves me... But she loves Rocketman most of all!
It was so good to see our friends and they are gone all too fast. Rocketman has jetted off to Asia and Becky is back home in Minnesota.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dizzy Busy

Sorry to disappear! Between my continuing needed work on the new website, still numb left arm, and problems with nearly every single order in the shop, I'm so busy, I'm dizzy!

Couple that with an impending reunion... this one for the Carol Duvall Show which equals house guests which equals cleaning frenzy...oy, I'm tired! We've got former show guests flying in from all over the country! And my crafting soul sister, Becky and her hubby, the Rocketman, are staying with me. I saw them a few months ago in Anaheim but it's been a few years for Mabel. Let me just say - Mabel LOVES the Rocketman!

Seriously, my pup looses control of everything when she sees him! She dashes out the front door into his arms, pisses herself and then throws her contorting body at his feet right into the... And, he loves her. He wears old shoes when he knows he's going to see her! The two of them curl up on the floor and he pets her for ages and her love is undying!

When Becky told me they were coming, I made it clear that she had to live with being the "other woman" in Rocketman's life for the know, 'cause Mabel Lou is the Queen!

Truth be told, we have so much to do in their less-than-46-hours on the ground in L.A. Mabel will have to make do with a few hours of cuddling with her beloved.

I'll take lots of pictures at the party and I'll see you on the flip side of the weekend!