Saturday, November 28, 2009

Somebody Has a Boyfriend!!!

No! It's certainly not ME! It's Mabel!!!

Yes, for most of her 7 1/2 years with me, I even dared think my girl was gay! She actually seems to like girls way better than boys. And she will have nothing to do with any male that dares to mount her, quickly putting him in his place with a sharp, shrill bark and even a nip!

And while there are males she tolerates: She loves the rottie twins Gizmo and Bart but they are running mates. 'tilla is a hunting buddy and Hank, well Hank behaves more like a girl anyway!

But this is something much different. And - he's a much younger man. If they were humans, I'd be hiding a fugitive child molester!

Maximus a/k/a Maxi is his name and he's a lab. They run and frolic and he licks and kisses her all over. (Mounting is still not allowed! And both dogs are "fixed" anyway.) They simply adore each other. I can't get a photo of them together...they run too fast! But this is Maxi:

But I didn't realize how serious this was until we were hiking with 'tilla and ran into Maxi. 'tilla normally flushes rabbits for Mabel to chase but once he saw Maxi with Mabel, a strange kind of jealousy ensued. It's as if 'tilla realized that Mabel and Max have a very different relationship. He jumped and pitched, trying desperately to get between the two lovebirds but they shunned him at every turn!

Then, a few days later, we were hiking with Maxi near the infamous deer bone (see yesterday's post), when Mabel shocked me by taking Maxi over and showing him her treasure! When we hike near that spot with 'tilla, she does everything to keep him from her secret... but she took Maxi here and practically pointed it out to him. He sniffed around especially the exposed hoof and she stood there smiling.

This is even more serious than I realized! My girl is in love!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you sit her down and have The Talk with her. And remember, you're not losing a daughter, you're gaining a son.

rottrover said...

I think the Creekhiker's becoming a grandma! Mabel's adopted a son to teach all her special knowledge to. Maxi's such a sweet choice. Kisses from B & G!!