Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Cream of the Crop

Twinky licking the cream.

One day while reading Alison's blog, I read that she got her dog, the glorious Cheyenne, a cup of whipped cream when they went to a coffee shop together.

I've been doing that for Mabel ever since(Mabel sends her eternal thanks, Alison!) and it's especially funny when I do this with one of our hiking packs. But I never had a camera with me...until yesterday.

I've written about the gorgeous trail my friend Kat introduced us too around Christmas. Yesterday, I was having a very stressful Monday when Kat called and asked us to join them on the trail. Being Monday, we didn't get there until 1:30 and it was scorching hot.

The creek is way down with our sudden temperature spike.

Kat also has yet another addition to her menagerie. With four dogs, the heat and me just feeling cranky, we only hiked around two hours before meeting up again at Starbucks. Here's a video of the girls and their cream:


00:01 - OK girls, here we are with Lily our newest pack member... .

00:05 - And Twinky

00:08 - ...and Linguini is the white and black Dalmatian and Mabel... Mabel is the rottie mix.

00:17 - So we're gonna have some whipped cream.

00:22 - So this is Twinky's

00:23 - Kat: These are my pants!

00:25 - This is Twinky's ...yes it is. O.K.

NOTE: I found that if I call out which dog is getting the cream, there is no issue with the others in the pack!

00:30 - Kat: These are my jeans! {She was worried I would spill!}

00:31 - This is going to be 'guini's...yes it is!

00:40 - Next, we're gonna get Mabel. Mabel? We have whipped cream!

00:50 - And would Lily like to try some whipped cream?

00:54 - Kat: I don't know man.

00:55 - Maybe just a little??

00:57 - Kat: No.

00:58 - No, we're not going to do this? THIS IS TWINKY'S!

01:00 - Kat: After (unintelligible)...she got diarrhea... There goes your video!

01:07 - This is 'guini's

01:13 - This is Mabel's... And that's our pack eating whipped cream!

I realized that I really need a wider shot of the girls. As I call out one pup's name, the other's will look at the one. It's so cute that they know each other's names and share so well!

Twinky had cream on her chin for the longest time. She could smell it but would lick UP instead of down!

Mabel was quite the center of attention...It's weird but people often focus on ONE dog! Some boys sat down next to us with Jello pudding cups and a can of whipped cream and Mabel went nuts! They ended up sharing their cream with her to the chagrin of the rest of the girls!

After a hot walk and a snack, Twinky fell asleep in my lap!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't figure out where Lily was so I started the video again and spotted her to the left on Kat's lap. What a cutie! is she a puppy?

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Yes, Lily is very laid back and quiet compared to Mabel and Twinks. She is a puppy from the pound.

Anonymous said...

LOL! They are so cute!