Friday, February 28, 2014

Review: Sojos Good Dog Treats sent us some treats from Sojos this month to review. I'll turn it over to Mabel Lou...

Mabel Lou here. Sigh... Can I just tell you how lame my mom is??? She picked our treats on Chewy based on how pretty she thought the box was. Sigh.... HUMANS! And yes, the box is cute... but Mom tore it before she even took a picture of it! These are Sojos Peanut Butter and Jelly Treats.

I swear, if I don't get her in line, is gonna ban us from their review panel!

Despite being super tiny in size... these Sojos treats are SO good! Mom says this size would be good training treats if cut in half... I don't see the point in that! But I would come / sit / stay for these for sure!

But I need to back up... Mom and I had planned to take our Sojos to the creek to share with friends... cause that's always more fun. But our extended pack has got such an unpredictable schedule these days, we couldn't seem to work it out. One day, my auntie called and said she had taken and nap and woke up late but was headed to the creek but that she was really groggy. As luck would have it, we were going too.

Sure enough, Mom and I hop out of the car and here comes Auntie, Hank and Sue! Yay!!! Only... Auntie was most upset. She was so sleepy, she forgot to put on hiking shoes and was wearing high heel clogs!  Mom told her that we would just go slow... so off we go on the slowest hike ever!
Sue and Hank love Sojos too!!

We barely make it to the other entrance when Mom spies a RangerDanger truck hiding behind some Oleanders!  We all leash up. Auntie was now super miserable...trying to contain two big dogs in high heels! We unleash over a ridge and immediately Mom spies the RangerDanger!!! With his ticket book...and he was coming from Dirty Creek... where we've NEVER seen a RangerDanger!!!

We leashed up quickly and took off for Dirty Creek. Mom was trying to call all our pack to let them know just when SQUIRREL! I took off, leash and all inside the golf course area and got my flexi lead stuck on a rock. Auntie, in her heels, handed Hank and Sue off to Mom and climbed the fence to get me! Needless to say we weren't having a very nice hike!
C'mon Auntie!! Faster FASTER!!!

Mom and Auntie had had enough and we all tromped to the car, on leash. And then Mom got a good idea. Hey it happens sometimes! She invited everyone over to our house for beverages and treats!!! Which is how Hank and Sue came to help with this review!

Hank loved them. He perfected his technique of begging up high...

While Sue and I alternated... sometimes hoovering the ground:

...and sometimes begging for more:

Both my pals thought they were really yummers!!! As did I. And Mom says to tell you she LOVED the healthy ingredients!

And Hank says he still wants MORE!
We ended up having a nice afternoon in spite of our perilous hike thanks to Chewy and Sojos!

Creekhiker was not compensated in any way for this review. Mabel Lou was given a free bag of dog treats to eat - or not - by

Monday, February 24, 2014

As If On Cue...

Mabel Lou had a quiet birthday as I was getting over a tummy flu that simply floored me on Friday and had me sleeping in my car on my breaks from teacher training on Saturday! We met up with Ruby and her mom for some bacon and toast - a senior girl's brunch!

Later we went to our creek and as if on cue... the bunnies were running. Now, I have seen Miss Mabel Lou roll her eyes at a runny babbit mere feet in front of her! Not worth the effort she put into such adventures in her younger days. But not on her birthday! Mabel took off after a rabbit 30 feet down the trail! Not once but TWICE!  This is the end of one of her bunny hunts:

And if that wasn't excitement enough, we heard such a commotion down in Dirty Creek, it startled us both! Turns out, it was just some ducks coming in for a crash landing!  For all we know, Mallory was just begrudgingly wishing her canine sister a Happy Birthday!

A bit later, the Rhodies met up with us and we all went on a walkabout. We all ended up at the levy where there was a tiny bit of water in our stream! All the dogs took turns in the jacuzzi:


 and Sue:

 We're hoping to fit in a hike to the ponds with Mr. Otto Rotto today... I just love seeing my old girl so happy, alert and reasonably healthy!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bit Tids February 2014

I've been bogged down with taxes and dealing with new job paperwork. Not too much blog worthy going on so, here's the latest Bit Tids from the Creekhiker.

Somebody's Got a Birthday Coming: 
Yep, Miss Mabel Lou, Queen Bitch of Everything will be 12 on Sunday. I'm dumbfounded. I've never been so lucky to have a super senior dog.  While there are signs that she's not in the best of health...her newest nickname is "Lumpy Lou" - I'm so blessed for every day we get together.  Daily, she is joyful, happy to see friends and energetic at several intervals. And always a drama queen! I'm trying not to see her failings and reminding myself that we're in the Bonus Round!
"I get such a headache when Mom works on the 'puter for too long! Doesn't she know it's time to creek??"

Times - They Are A Changin'

I got the new commercial production guide in the mail yesterday. This contains lists of every conceivable thing one might need to rent on the down and dirty fly of making a television commercial in Los Angeles. Last year's book is on the left; 2014 edition on the right.
I was immediately struck by the size difference. The new one is between 1/4 and 1/3 the size of last years. All sorts of things ran through my head about the state of production in Los Angeles. My mother takes great pride in telling me about all the productions going on near her house in Baton Rouge. But when I opened the new book, I was struck by the much thinner paper. That thing will never survive being tossed across a motorhome as many of my old books did.
The publisher offered up the explanation that "non-crucial" items such as Ice and Bus Rentals have been moved to the free website and taken out of the book.

Well, he's obviously never had to ice down a sidewalk that was melting crew members shoes on the fly or suddenly rent a bus when a company move became overly complicated. There's something about having all those contacts at my fingertips that was very comforting to me in production. I will miss the old, sturdy book chock-full of everything for sure.

My old 4+ pound book is on it's way to a film professor friend. I mail him my old books every year but I may be too embarrassed to bother next year.

Ding Dong! The, uh, nevermind................ She's Dead!

My father's wife died this week. I can't tell you the mix of emotions this brought up in me.

For those of you that have forgotten, I'm a love child. The result of an 18 year affair that I interrupted in year seven.  My father spent many nights and weekends with my mother and I and never once denied us or shunned us in the presence of anyone. I spent many nights with him in the home he shared with his wife and nosy child that I was... left certain of the separate lives they led.

And based on the account of many in the family - aunts, uncles, cousins - the marriage was never really a happy one, aside from the infidelity on both their parts. All of my father's siblings were told that the family business which supported them all would be dissolved if any of them were to divorce. My youngest uncle took pills and drank heavily when his wife threatened divorce, ending his life and saving the family business. Talk about pressure! My father grieved deeply over his brother until his own sudden death in 1975.

While my heart aches at the loss I know my siblings (the ones who deny my existence) must feel, I feel an odd relief that my own mother outlived her. While this woman never missed an opportunity to lash out at me or my mother since my father passed away, I have always behaved like the nice Southern Belle I was raised to be around her.

But now that she's gone, I feel invaded, slapped in the face, knowing that she is to be buried by my father and not by her first cousin she married after Daddy passed. That was my place to go and talk to him and I just hate knowing she might be listening.


When I discovered the above via Facebook at 8 pm... the only person I wanted was my mom. I hesitated, knowing it was just after 10 and she would have been asleep for hours by then. That lasted for about 10 seconds.

My mother is "purt near deaf" and is too cheap frugal to deal with hearing aids. We have hilarious conversations of misunderstanding several times a week, especially when she answers one of the ancient phones she owns and not one of the phones for the hard of hearing I have given her.

It went like this:

CH: Mother! Guess who died?
Mom: JEFF SMITH DIED???  (Jeff is her nephew she helped raise... the closest thing to a son my mother has! She was starting to cry!!!)

CH: NO MOM! GUESS who died?

CH: NO, MOM!! I'm saying the word GUESS
CH: G - U - E - S - S

I realized that G became J and ESS sounded like EFF... My 90 year old mom was really upset now...

CH: NO MOM... LET'S START OVER! _____________________ IS DEAD!

My mom was quite relieved it was not her beloved nephew that had died.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Just a Few Drops

We were quite surprised to wake up to a little rain Thursday. While it was dark and dreary most of the day, Mabel  and I enjoyed a stroll between the rain drops.

Funny how the dog that doesn't want to step off the porch in the rain, loves to go to the creek in the rain.

While the water was flowing in the creek, by Friday, it was mostly gone. 

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Sad Girl on the Porch

Mabel is an old girl now. She used to run to the front door when we had visitors, certain anyone who graced our porch was there for her. Now, she's far more judicious about leaving her comfortable bed.

Last night, Hank & Sue's mom popped by to drop off some veggie rice she had made. I happened to be on the front porch recycling my gray water (Hey, it may be snowing everywhere else, but here, it's a multi-year drought!). It was cold and we exchanged greetings and said goodby rather quickly. I turned to go into the house to find a very sad Mabel standing behind me on the front porch. Mabel had heard our visitor and was certain she would get some Auntie lovin' but was most disappointed to find her already driving away.

I petted her for a second and said, "Auntie's leaving. Let's go inside."

What Mabel apparently heard was, "Let's GO!"

She took off across our front yard in the direction of the Rhodie house! I caught up to her and told her we had to go in OUR house. Mabel hung her head and walked back. On the porch, she turned and looked in the direction of our friend's sad.

Inside, I had barely locked the door when there was a knock. Auntie had returned!!! Mabel was overjoyed!! They had a good visit and roll on the floor.

It seems that Auntie had seen the sad girl on the porch and just couldn't bare it!

Monday, February 03, 2014

My Girl Doing Her Thang

Looking through my old photos yesterday, I ran across these wonderful pics of Mabel Lou at play. I just love seeing her so happy. I'm kind of missing her old energy levels...

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Hungry or Confused

I swear, sometimes I'm most confused by Mabel Lou's behavior.  I often think that maybe she is confused about what species she is.

Here she is fishing for krill:

 And here she is again, digging for ants:
And yet again, chewing her cud:
  Does Mabel Lou think she is a whale? An anteater? A cow??? Or maybe she's just hungry!

RIP Sweet Girl

I'm crying too hard to write much...but our beloved friend Twinkie passed away today.

May she run free on four good legs 

and know that she was loved. Her spirit touched my soul so deeply... 

 May she always sleep upon a nice warm heating pad - one that NEVER turns off!

May she always be the leader of her pack and have a nice spot to hike.
And most of, may there be BUCKETS of cream!!

I love you little friend. You stole my heart the second I held your fragile, sick body in my arms. I begged you to live... and you did! Oh how you did!