Friday, November 27, 2009

Dead Deer

After the fires, a baby deer died in the creek bed. No one is certain if he lost his mom and starved or was attacked. We just found his body...

I avoided the area for weeks, until there was no smell, and only then did Mabel get to explore. On one such adventure, we were with 'tilla who was suddenly afraid Mabel would take the deer! So he stole a leg and disappeared with it.

Weeks later, Mabel and I were hiking alone and I noticed her chewing at the sand. Afraid she was trying to eat horse poop, I shooed her away. Curious, I kicked at the spot she was chewing... and found 'tilla's leg!

Mabel took it, ran up a hillside and started burying it! Watching her was a thing of beauty. I stood there mentally criticizing her: That's not wide enough. It's not going to work....OMG! She's scraping in sand from two feet behind her!

She kept scraping more sand with her nose, sniffing, pawing it back and redirecting it with her snout! She covered all but the very tip of the hoof! She periodically checks it from when we hike near there.

{Photos below are not for the squeamish!}


Anonymous said...

aww, poor thing. Are you sure it was OK for the dogs to be having it in their mouths? That would worry me.

CreekHiker said...

I look at this like this... if her coyote cousins can eat it, so can she.

Besides, by the time I let her near it, the thing was so was deer jerky!

Snowbrush said...

As I found when I worked in funeral homes, I could LOOK at anything. SMELLING some things was an infinitely greater challenge.

Baxter got into shit this week. It was so thick on his moustache that, at first, we thought it was matted leaves. Twice now, Bonnie has rolled in shit (the first time) and a corpse (the second) that I will carry the memories to my grave because, both times, we were out in the woods (once in winter) with no good way to clean her.

I'm sorry I've been out of touch. For whatever reason (much of it due to my upcoming surgery), I haven't had it in me to either blog or read blogs very much lately.

Anonymous said...

at least don't let her kiss you on the mouth for a few hours after she's had that thing in her mouth!