Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last Day to Enter Frosty Paws Contest

Mabel Lou here. Mom's crazy busy. She wrote about how crazy her last week was over on her glass bead blog. Me? I'm just ticked that because of poor planning on her part, I got no creek walk yesterday! Good thing I sneaked into the car while she was unloading her class supplies... at least I got to run errands with her. She keeps promising me that I'll get a long creek walk tonight but by the looks of all those packages around her desk, I ain't holding my breath!

Since I'm sure Mom has forgotten all about  the Frosty Paws contest, I thought I would mention that today is the last day to enter.

Hope your day is better than mine... Supervising humans is hard work!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Adoption Matters

Found this on Facebook and I'm hoping no one will object since it's for a good cause. I have so few entries in my Raffle for the Frosty Paws! Please help me spread the word about Shelter Adoptions.
I can't even think of how empty my life would feel without my girl!

Be sure to enter the drawing in the Rafflecopter widget here.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Frosty Paws National Adopt a Shelter Dog Giveaway

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Miss Mabel Lou was adopted from our local East Valley Shelter 10 1/2 years ago! Bart and my previous baby, Maggie May did time there too and Milly did time in a Ventura County Shelter. I often go to the shelter to pay registration fees and I'm always dumbstruck by how many pups and kittehs need homes.

I was just thrilled to be asked to help Frosty Paws help promote National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! Mabel Lou did her part to help "snoopervise."

Our box of goodies arrived today in the mail and Mabel had to know what was in there! I think I'll just let her take over:

Mabel Lou here. I just love when good stuff comes in the mail! 


I couldn't wait for Mom to open it and let me see what's inside...My GOODNESS! L@@k at all those stuffies!!! And coupons for FREE FROSTY PAWS!! OH MY DOG!!!!

 Mom says they aren't all for me... but that we get to keep a stuffie and a couple of coupons! Since mom buys me Frosty Paws all the time, I'm sure she appreciates it!! I know I do!!! 

But Mom? What are we gonna do with all the rest?

We get to give them away??? OMD!!!

The nice folks at Frosty Paws sent along prepaid mailer boxes for all those stuffies and coupons - enough for 10 winners!!! Isn't that nice! 

Momma has put a rafflercopter thingy below with all the ways you can win. Be sure to leave a comment here telling us about your passion for Frosty Paws or about your beloved shelter pet. And Momma says you can tweet every day for more entries!!! Whooo Hoo...

But Mom??? All this talk of Frosty Paws is making me want a little snacky. And it IS over 80 degrees today... hint hint????

Allrighty Miss Mabel! Good job on telling the folks about the giveaway! Here's your reward:

See??? I really do love my Frosty Paws! 

Momma just HAD to get a picture of me with that stuffie which I'm supposed to tell you is for the humans. It is NOT for the animals! Geesh! Now Momma will you put away that flashy beast and let me eat my Frosty Paws in peace???

 Mabel and I both want to remind you, if you have room in your home, your heart will not regret the love you find at a shelter! Please adopt!

Please click the rafflecopter widget to comment to enter the drawing!!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baby Takes a Sun Bake

I stepped out on the back porch the other day and much to my surprise, Baby had decided she needed a little sun! I can't blame's so dark and lonely in our bedroom during the day.

Mabel saw me taking a photo of Baby enjoying the sun and got a bit jealous. Either that or she was worried about Baby's reaction to flashy beast. Mabel Lou picked up Baby and took her to a sunnier spot:

I just love that my old girl still needs to play a bit! Later in the week, I would find Baby sunbaking by the shop all by her lonesome!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Last Week: Just the Facts

Number of blog posts I wanted to write (for Creekhiker and my Glass Bead Blog): 9
Number actually written: 2
Days I had a fever this past week: 3
Days I had a tummy ache from eating recalled Almond butter: 4
Days I got to swim: 6
Days I HAD to nap: 6
Days Mabel got "the short hike" because I wasn't up to par: 2
Days Mabel distracted me into taking the "long way" home: 2
Parties I attended where I knew no one save for my bestie: 1
Number of beads I sold in a random order that made my spirits soar: 3
Nights I laid awake sneezing: 7
Nights my dog tired of playing with me and gave me "the look" when I tried to continue our game: 2
 Baby is always ready to play; Mabel, not so much!

Weirdest question of the week: Do you play the ukelele?
Number of strange critters behind my house heard in the night: 3
Number of times I'm certain I had a Mallory flyover: 2
The last time I heard Mallory: 5:30 a.m.
Days notice I had to ship 8 last minute packages to my restaurant chain customer: 1/24
Hours early that I finished said order because my brain fog told me that overnights left my town at 2 pm: 1.5
Gratitude for that extra time on a scale of 1 - 10: 11

Monday, October 01, 2012

Relentless Sadness

It would seem I missed my usual July funk but it hit with a vengeance in September. It's not one thing and it's not my mother... It's just a lot of things... I'm hoping by purging my list, I can purge my mind and move on...

  1. I miss Mango. I'm sobbing just writing his name. I know I didn't know him for reals, but my heart hurts just the same. He, his mom and his labradork brother, Dexter, brought much joy to many and especially to me. His sudden death while I had no phone or internets last week was shocking and painful.    The big guys is sorely missed!
  2.  I'm very sad about the state of sales of lampwork glass beads and the first world women that don't think their time is worth even Chinese wages. It's only served to reinforce how bad I need gainful employment... which makes me even sadder.
  3. The people who read that blog post in #2 and couldn't see past my sassy attitude to the point that I was actually trying to make tire me. Oh the tediousness of trying to explain that I would rather punch someone who hurts me and hurts my business instead of giving them a hug!
  4. It saddens me that, at the age of 48, I still feel the need to explain and apologize for being direct. I have  been chastised my whole life for my tone and my direct nature. Everyone in my family speaks this way. NO ONE means to offend...certainly not me... yet we are all offended by each other. And the world is certainly offended by us. That has to be one of the top reasons I never wanted to marry. I simply didn't feel like apologizing any more and certainly not in the privacy of my own home. If a man is direct, no one says a word... but let a woman be direct and the world doesn't know what to do with her...especially since we don't burn them at the stake any more... 
  5. We learned last week that my sister's tumors in her lungs are growing again, the first setback since stopping chemo seven months ago. We were told that people in this advanced stage of lung cancer usually only make it six months... so we've made another hurdle but it's so difficult being so far away. And dealing with a mother who is in denial and how that hurts my sister makes me even sadder.
  6. The relatives on Facebook who always ask me how she is but never take the time to pick up the phone or send her a card make me sad and angry.
  7. Add in that I have a sinus infection, no funds for the doc or antibiotics and it's a hundred and freaking six outside and you'll understand why I'm taking to my bed at 11 am on a Monday.