Thursday, November 19, 2009


That hike I wrote of yesterday turned into bliss because of the unexpected water find! We've had a hot and dry November but last weekend, clouds and wind blew in and there was a chill in the daytime air. It was clear there was a storm somewhere.

But here in Sunland, there was just blowing ash and soot. I was driving along the mountain road to the south of town looking at Mt. Luken's and declared, "We don't live in Sunland anymore. This place needs to be called 'Ashville.'"

All that wind drove the storm further east a few miles and the folks in La Canada got over an inch in 15 minutes. Some parts got over 2" in an hour! There were mudslides and quite a bit of damage near the fire line. But that was completely out of mind on Monday.

I had energy to burn. Since our favorite trail is closed thanks to the Station Fire and probably will be until Spring, I suggested we start our hike with our larger pack in Hahamonga Park, thinking that would make a much longer hike to the point of the fire closure.

After 30 minutes, I was thinking it was a bad plan. The dogs were hot and we had no water. Suddenly all four girls got so excited and took off with Kat and I chasing. And then I heard it: WATER!

I remembered the deluge from the weekend and realized, the mountain still had runoff! Within seconds, Mabel and Linguini were frolicking with the little pups looking for a less steep entrance to the stream. I was amazed at how black the water was...yep, Ashville!

The girls were having the best time and Kat and I were slipping and sliding in the mud - and laughing so hard. And then I remembered that this stream is fed by the stream in the shady canyon we love so! I implored the girls to get a move on so we could make it to their favorite swimming hole before dark.

I love this photo of Mabel playing in the dark muddy water.

I know it will be a long, long time before our stream runs clear again but for now, just having the water back is glorious!
All photos copyright 2009 Isabelle Thompson.


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glad the dogs had some fun, and you people too!