Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Photos - Naughty Habit

This is Mabel on the sofa. Some part of me regrets I ever let her do this. For one thing, the sofa is nearly broken. It's starting to take on her "old dog" odor. But as a pup, every single time I went down the hall to the office, within minutes, she'd be up there. In spite of having NUMEROUS dog beds. I would drag her down and scold her over and over...and over.

Somehow this transitioned into her only getting up there when I was there. That's usually late at night when I give myself an hour or so of television / ipad time. Even if I stop working at midnight, Mabel will not go to bed without sofa cuddles!

On the other hand, I myself have become so accustomed to sofa cuddle time, the thought of not allowing her (or, dare I say it, any future dogs) on the sofa feels...wrong! It's like people who get a dog and leave them outside! Dogs are pack animals...they need to pack up to feel safe in the world. And isn't cuddling pack behavior? And seriously, I'm getting a little too old for floor cuddles!


Unknown said...

Sofa cuddle time is always the sweetest and the best!

Dexter said...

I claimed the couch very early on and momma said as long as that was the only piece of furniture I used that it would be OK. I have a nice, heavy cover from that Orvis place that momma can throw in the washy machine from time to time to keep it fresh (although secretly I think she likes the dog smell).


Millie and Walter said...

We let the dogs on the bed and get cuddle time there. My husband is adamant against letting them on the furniture, but I would if it was only me.


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

BOL - we only like the sofa when there are no humans there too:) But of course, we also are not allowed on the beds:(

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Ruby said...

Oh, Ma has like layers of blankets and throws on the furniture! She says it's so I don't gets my 'essence' on the sofa....Pffffft!!
What's wrong with a little doggie odor, I say!! BOL
Butts, she says it's easier washin' the blankets than the sofa...
I can't imagine not sleepin' on MY loveseat!! BTW: I have a crate, and 3 dog beds, too...hehehe

GOOSE said...

Oh sofa time. It's the best. I am doing it right now. Have my whole life.