Friday, May 03, 2013

Another Skill for Her Resume

I only know the beginning of this story because our furiends, the Rottrovers, know Rocky. Rocky was a small dog...a Jack Russell I believe, that died last week on the Ranger free trail many of us off-leashers have fled to since our favorite trails have become a "park."

Rocky dashed into a bush...I'm sure his mom thought he was after a ground squirrel...only a Momma coyote was in there. And while his Mom did all she could to save  him... running across the river to get a golfer to drive her to her car and racing him to the vet... he could not be saved.

I often wonder if I could hike our trails without my girl...

This is "part" of the memorial Rocky's mom made for him. We stumbled on it beside the "dark side" swimming hole. I was with Hank and Sue's mom and we checked out the memorial, checked the flowers to see if they needed water and proceeded to watch our dogs swimming.

As I was taking pictures of Sue who was busy demonstrating her new nickname of "Shovel Head" (a whole other post!), their mom said, "Uh, I think Mabel Lou is trying to bury the memorial!"

I turned on my heels to see her heading up the hill and further upstream. I gave chase and caught up with her...

She had been attracted to the rope toy Rocky's mom had left there... and luckily it was stapled to a wooden cross of some heft! This had slowed Mabel Lou down considerably! Thank Goodness!! She knew she had more than she bargained for and dropped it when I asked.

Only then did I see the note Rocky's mom had left for her creek friends:

As you can see, Rocky's mom doesn't plan to keep hiking.

 I took a rock and replanted the cross and adjusted that note. The girl went swimming and, as we were leaving, it took all she had to NOT steal it AGAIN! Here she is "trying" not to look at it!  Why is nonchalant never actually nonchalant???

So, in addition to Possum Pooler, Bed Hog, Heart Stealer, Thief, Bacon Lover, Mamma's Girl, Kitty Killer, Stuffie Mauler, Coon Fighter and Queen Bitch of Everything, we can now add Grave Robber to her resume!

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Dexter said...

I think Rocky would like seeing Miss Mabel playing with that rope toy.

What a horrible tragedy for Rocky and his mom. I can understand how she doesn't want to walk those trails anymore.