Wednesday, May 09, 2007


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Well things are mostly peachy here.

Mabel only has very minimal damage to her kidneys! They still function fine but her creatinine levels are slightly elevated. Her liver function is fine. And thank goodness for the urine test because the vet found she had a bladder infection unrelated to the bad food. So she's on antibiotics and anti-diarrheal meds for the next eight days. And no more canned food EVER! I feel like we dodged a bullet.

There is water in the creek!! It was almost bone dry yesterday. We had to hike quite a ways east to find water. But tonight, it was higher than it has been in months. Mabel Lou and I were both doing the happy dance. I hope to make it down to the waterfalls tomorrow.

The house gets new windows tomorrow. They arrived a week early! After I got new siding a few months ago, it made my circa 1958 front windows look really crappy. I'm sure my back will be in fine form tomorrow night after moving all that furniture. But I'll now be able to get a cross breeze in the house! Yeah!!

And on a sour note, my oxygen concentrator is being weird and I only got to make 8 beads today. I have no idea what to do for it... the pressure drops out the minute I light the torch. Oh well, guess I'll have to actually work in the shop on something I'm supposed to do instead of playing on my torch.

I attempted three off mandrel projects and succeeded with two before the oxy con problem. So yeah again!

And, for Janet, the tale of urine collection. I really wanted my vet to keep Mabel and get the sample but he seemed to think I could do it. What he doesn't know is that Miss Mabel is a modest girl. She really doesn't like anyone looking at her while she's doing her business. Her favorite places here are all where I can't see her from the porch. And at the creek, she runs ahead and tries to finish before I round the bend. Even now, I'm supposed to check her poop to make sure it's firming up. Tonight, she just glared at me because I stopped and watched her. And I swear, she really didn't finish. Brat!

So, I gave her water and put her on a leash, hiding one of the plastic dishes I keep in the shop for glass staging behind my back. I took her to all her favorite places. Nothing... she just kept looking at me like "Why am I on a leash in my own yard??"

So I took her inside and tried again an hour later. Nothing.

I kept her outside for a bit. It was close to 100 yesterday. Then she got more water and we tried two hours later.

As I walked her to her favorite spot, her rear end started to dip. Still she kept looking at me all strange. But finally gave in to nature. When she turned her head, I jammed the plastic dish under her. As soon as I knew we had a enough for the doc, I stooped to get the dish back. She jumped and turned around, staring at me with her best, "What the hell are you doing to me back there?" look. But of course, we got to take the leash off, so all was forgiven.

I don't know what I would do with a boy dog!

Thanks to everyone who said prayers and wrote and called. We really appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Miss Mabel is going to be okay! What will you be feeding her now? I 'bit the bullet' last summer and put our guys on a raw diet. Carmon

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Carmon, I will be supplementing with homemade dog food... chicken soup - low salt and lots of garlic and kelp cooked in. Also, hamburger with noodles (whole wheat), garlic and kelp and veggies she likes. So far, she's loving it!

I really think she was trying to tell me about the food. She had started turning her nose up when I would offer her a forkful.... but it was ONLY the green can (the one that had the melamine!)

Anonymous said...

That's such good news about Mabel! I'm so glad.

Your story made me chuckle! Spot doesn't mind me watching, I think he likes having me watch his back while he's taking care of business. Still, I doubt he'd stand still if I was trying to hold a cup under his pee-pee.