Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Uh Oh!

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I received a letter (!!!!) stating that Mabel's dog food may be contaminated with melamine and to watch for diarrhea and lethargy... symptoms from last week...

Naturally, I opened the letter after the call center and my vet had closed for the day. It's almost 4 a.m. and I have yet to sleep. To think that I could have been poisoning my baby. I'm just frantic.

Mabel has been perkier...but she's been on Mom's chicken soup diet. She just went back to her regular food Sunday.

The fact that they wrote me really pisses me off! I checked their website on the 28th... the dang letter is dated April 26th.

I was out with BF Barb and she asked me, "What are we doing going to China to get wheat and rice?? Don't we have farmers here struggling to keep farms afloat?"

You just don't know what to trust anymore. I don't really like veggies unless I grow them but I stocked up at the store the other day. Today I found myself staring at the spinach and green onions in my fridge thinking "How do I know I won't get sick from that?"

Excuse my rambling thoughts; I'm just worried about my girl. I would be lost without her.


Anonymous said...

Hi Holly - we fed one of the recalled foods to our cats too. A very, very expensive grain-free human grade food. They are both fine, no problems at all from it. Their food was one of the rice protein recalls. But now I'm thinking of putting the cats on a raw diet along with the dogs. Prayers for Mabel coming your way! Carmon

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know!! Spot's always gotten kibble but I occasionally give a little of canned food to make it interesting. If I'd been feeding caned all along, I'd be frantic, taking him the 24-hour clinic and insisting on every test they had, damn the expense.

Mom had what seemed like food poisoning a few weeks before the Peter Pan peanut butter recall. I hadn't been eating it, so I was okay. We thought she had the stomach flu. You just don't know what's safe to eat anymore. I'm afraid to lick the bowl when I make cookies or cakes. I guess we can just wash all the vegetables thoroughly under running water, boil where possible-even if it's just blanching (dipping them in boiling water for a few seconds.)

Can I have some of your mom's chicken soup? mmmm...

p.s. you've been tagged!

Annie said...

It's just the tip of the iceberg (oh, no, I'm still thinking of water idioms) about all these contaminated food products. It's made me quite upset, too, thinking about all the pets and all the people, too, who are being exposed to harm via their diets.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! I do hope that Mabel is on the mend! That's good that you know the cause of the problem, now - you can change her feed until they get this all sorted out. We are feeding Pedigree to Ripley and their site says there are no problems, so I think that's probably safe for now.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Thanks for all the prayers and concern. We appreciate it.

The vet took blood from her vein and I had a very comical experience trying to get a urine sample from her. She had a little pink bandage that we had to leave on for at least four hours. Mabel was quite the drama queen when I removed it.

I will know in the morning about the damage to her liver and / or kidneys.

Anonymous said...

oh, tell us about the comical experience! I always wondered how I'd go about getting a sample from Spot. His being a boy might make it easier, but I don't think he'd care for me to be holding a cup under his stream. I'd probably wind up getting it all over me.

I'll check back later to see if you got the results.

Linda@VS said...

Holly, I'd be worried--and pissed--too! Seems like a sense of urgency would have been in order at the vet's office.

I sure hope Mabel's okay. Please update as soon as you get the results.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Hey Velvet, You've been missed!

Yep, I was REALLY pissed at the vet's office today. His little twit of a nurse was SO RUDE. HELLOOOO!!! She works for a VET. She should know how much people love their animals. She was so nasty every time I called. I swear, next time I'm alone with the doc, I'm going to tell him that the front office staff will be the reason I shop elsewhere! It was 2 before I knew anything... I was so upset all day!

But at least I have a happy ending unlike so many who have lost their beloved animals.