Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sick Again

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I feel like I have had one health issue after another. While nothing has been major, I'm actually sick of doctors!

This time, it's a severe eye infection. It has me in a very nasty mood as I can't see to torch or much else. My eye is swollen shut every morning and opens with the help of cold compresses. I'm on two types of antibiotics and I swear the thing is getting worse before trying to heal.

Mabel also is on the mend today. Yesterday in the creek with her buddies, Hank & Sue, they were doing their usual rough-housing in a sand pit. The pack ran over to the edge, where I was hovering near some bushes. Mabel spun and managed to get her left hind leg twisted through some tall shrub and tried to take off running before she realized she was hung up. She yelped in pain before I could work her loose. Last night she was barely moving. Today she looks very tired. But -- of course she perked up when we got a phone call from Hank / Sue's Mom... I think she would've gone to the creek anyway... silly doggie!

Hope everyone is having a restful, fun weekend.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awful eye infection! Hope it clears up soon and skritches for Mabel. Carmon

Anonymous said...

oh, ick, I had an eye infection that sounds like that a couple of times-pinkeye a couple of times and a different infection once. Hope you feel better soon! and hope poor Mabel feels better too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, that doesn't sound good. I hope your meds kick in soon and that eye thing clears up. And hope Mabel is getting around okay now. You poor babies!

Linda@VS said...

Holly, it's been a few days since you posted this. Is your eye getting better? Take care of yourself, and give us an update when you can, please.