Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Seven Things Meme


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Janet tagged me for a Seven Random Things / Facts about Me. So here goes.

1) I have an allergy to cigarette smoke. It's a real, honest-to-goodness, diagnosed by a doctor thing. I literally cannot breathe around the stuff. My mother has something similar but more severe. Once, we were all out at a Christmas light display in downtown Baton Rouge. It was around nine at night and there was only one other family in the park. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't seem to get away from the other mother's cigarette smoke. My poor mom went from being just fine to having her lungs fill with fluid from an allergic reaction to the smoke. And she had no inhaler with her. It was such a frightening drive home. My brother-in-law ran red lights and sped like a maniac while I sat in the back seat holding my mom up debating whether to hit the hospital or try and make it home.

When I think of leaving California for someplace cheaper, our laws which make it hell for smokers to find a public place to smoke is one of the things that keeps me here. I'm always shocked in when I travel other places and smell it, especially in a restaurant.

2) I'm 22 years younger than my 64-year-old (for a few more months) sister. My mother likes to say there's nothing slow about her. I like to kid her that she just wanted to give each of us individual attention.

3) I have a near genius I.Q. - 146. 150 is the threshold for genius. So that makes me smarter than most of the guys I meet and too dumb to join Mensa and meet smart men. Seriously, I'm convinced it's one of the reasons I'm still single. It's also been difficult for me work-wise. I can't stand it when I have a boss who won't look at the big picture. Or one who can't / won't make decisions.

4) My mother always wanted me to work for the phone company just like her (42 years) and my sister (30 years). I've always told her point blank, "I would rather have a bullet in my head." But she just doesn't get it.

When I was around 6, my the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission made it a lot easier for a woman to get a "man's" job with the phone company. My mother was the second woman in the state of Mississippi to get a "man's" title. Her best friend was the first. They had to put up with a lot of verbal and even physical abuse. It seemed sexual harassment was invented for them. Once, after my mother had been injured on the job, the big wigs there tried to keep her from returning to make sure a man would get the job. But Mother wouldn't have it. The President of the company (and several other men) came to the house to talk Mother into early retirement. He told her she needed to go along and get along if she were to come back. She informed him that the phone company didn't pay her enough to let anyone pat her butt and pinch her titties. She got her job back and the harassment stopped.

But it changed something in her. When I would visit her job and we would go to the restroom down this long hall. She would look around to see if anyone was looking...there rarely was. Mother would lock the bathroom door, turn on the hot water full blast, tear off bunches of paper towels wet them and throw them away. She would put handfuls of toilet tissue in the toilet, flush, repeat, flush, repeat, flush repeat. Then she would use the restroom, more tissue, flush, flush, flush. Wash up, more towels, toss, more towel and toss. Then, she would crack the door and check the hallway. If no one was there, she left the hot water running. That's how much she loved her job. That's the life she wanted for me! NO THANKS!

5) My father died when I was eleven. It was one of the most painful events of my life. It only took 30 years for me to stop going into a depressive funk around the date of his death. It was around this time I knew I would move far, far away.

6) I feel dead people... seriously. I have that weird Pisces thing going on where we're supposedly unaware of which world we are in...real or afterlife. I often see spirits in my dreams and out of the corner of my eye. But, more often, I feel their presence. It's not scary (most of the time). And it has only served to reinforce my faith.

7) Jesus gave me a rosary. Not in person to me. He gave it to someone and told her to give it to me. But it was Him. I would rather He just hung out and talked for a bit but, I needed a special message that day and it came in a way that had my full attention. This one is quite a long story so I'll just leave it at that.

Since everyone I know in Bloggerville has been tagged, just tag yourself if you haven't done this one!


Linda@VS said...

This was a good read, Holly. It's so much fun to read everyone's different answers to this meme.

Good for you for escaping the clutches of the telephone company.

Annie said...

Very interesting, Creekhiker, I am in the company of a near-genius and I like it. Seven random things about me won't be nearly as interesting but here goes:

1. I am almost always happy.
2. I am considered by most to be quite non-traditional as a woman but I love to cook, knit, garden, fix my hair, etc. Go figure.
3. I love to read, with my eyes or with my ears (books on tape).
4. I still remember my New Year's resolutions for this year but I haven't done them (yes, them) yet.
5. I want a Segway or a golf cart to use for quick trips to the grocery store about a mile away from my house. I should use a bike but I live in a really hilly area.
6. I am currently enthralled with the artistry of Ingrid Lucia. I heard her on and immediately appreciated her voice, her styling, her music.
7. I was invited to join Mensa once but I think they made a mistake.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Velvet, Thanks! I really liked yours too!

Annie, I like to cook, knit and garden but my hair... it stays in a bun in the summer... I'm at that age where I can't stand to be hot! Love #7!!! LOL!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

A near genius! I do recall taking a Mensa test years ago and getting 143. I didn't pursue the further tests though, work took over!

I have posted a photo of the missing UK girl Madeleine in the hope that the more people see her, the more chance she may be found. Please take a sec to pop over to Cheltenham, to put her face in your head. Thanks to you and your readers.

Anonymous said...

That was a good one! Thanks for doing it, it's kind of hard for me to reveal stuff about myself and it helps when other people do it too. :-)