Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mabel's New Friends / Company

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My new obsession with my torch has left me with very little blog worthy info. So this will be a quick Mabel Lou story and a little update on life in general.

I was visiting with an acquaintance the other day and explaining how grateful I am that Mabel, at long last, has a new best friend. Mabel's first best friend, Sarah Jean, belonged to my BF and died two summers ago. (There is an online album of the two of them frolicking at the creek HERE.

In the past few weeks, I realized the the two Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies Mabel loved running into at the creek were actually neighbors! As luck would have it, I took a different route home from the creek on my way to show ugly beads to the best friend. The pups were in the truck in front of us and I realized we had to live on the same street. Since then phone numbers were exchanged and we've made a daily hike most days as a pack of five. We've even gotten the dogs together for play dates at home. Now that Mabel is aware of where the Ridggies live, she stares at their house as we drive by on our way into town.

There is a boy, Hank, and his sister, Sue. The two girls are inseparable when we are all in creek and clearly the bestest of dog buddies. Sue actually hugs and kisses Mabel when they first get together (or if Mabel wanders off during a hike.) It's so cute! Sue kinda squats as Mabel runs toward her, throws both forearms around Mabel's neck and kisses her. Sue's Mom and I are both desperately trying to photograph it.

Anyway, as I was describing my joy at my girl having a new close friend, the person I was with exclaimed, "It's almost like you are talking about a child!"

Duh! ALMOST?? I couldn't love her more if she were human. I explained, God didn't give me human children so it's my duty to love what He did give me to the best of my ability. And I do. So there.

So these next few weeks are shaping up to be very busy... not work wise ...that's dead as can be. But lots of company. A former production buddy who lives in Reno is coming to stay. Her favorite vacation is to hang out at my house. She doesn't leave the house for days on end when she visits. So we will have a house guest for eight days.

And my "Greek Mother" is coming. One of my closest friends, Kat, is Greek and I just adore her mom. Marg is a former model and t.v. producer and one of the most stunning women I have ever met. She's also one of the nicest ladies in the world and I can't wait to see her. Marg's best friend was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks back and has already passed. So, it's not the happiest of visits. But her daughter, grandchildren and I are so excited at getting to spend some time with her. So the blog page may look the same for a bit.

Hope all of are doing something interesting and fun.


Anonymous said...

Holly, sounds like you're in for lots of fun. I love company!

Glad Mabel found some new playmates - I'll be looking forward to the 'hugging' picture.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I wasn't finished! Must have hit the wrong button with my little fingers.

I don't much care for the blackbirds. They are messy and noisy. But not as bad as our magpies. Those darn birds come down and fight over the kitty food if I put it outside. Don't know how to get any of them to leave. Especially as we feed the birds! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I won't mind the page being the same for a few days, especially when there's the possibility of a photo of Mabel getting kissed! That sounds so adorable.

I agree with you about the dog-as-child. Spot is the kid who's a couple of suspensions away from being shipped to military school. ;-)