Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ugly Beads...Great Joy

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OK... these are very ugly beads but I had so much fun I thought I would bite the bullet and show you what has kept me so pre-occupied this past week (besides strep, a tummy ache & a sick puppy).

I've always had a thing for glass drops and it turns out they are fairly easy to make. Naturally in my favorite color of purple.

My friend Bindy once told me that {when working glass in a flame} "When all else fails, make a fish." I can't look at a glass fish without wondering what it was "really" meant to me. This was a round bead gone really wrong. Still, it's so much fun sculpting in the fire that even my disasters make me chuckle out loud.

Another lopsided one but I really love dichroic glass. I'll probably wear this one.

Another round bead gone wrong here. As luck would have it, I had read a tutorial on lampwork butterflies that day and thought I would try something besides a fish. It is the biggest thing I've made and I was so amazed the wings didn't pop off. It's quite a juggling act to keep everything warm and heat up an area to work on it all at the same time. I was just grabbing whatever colors I had on the table so he certainly wasn't well planned.

And finally, a little mis-shapened heart that I really like.

I still have such a long way to go... but the journey is so much fun.

Oh, Mabel is MUCH better! She chased me out of the house with a toy yesterday... a very good sign.

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Annie said...

Oh my goodness, what fun you must be having. These little glass beauties would be so much fun to look at, to hold up to the light, to play with.