Thursday, May 24, 2007

Internet Scams

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I received the email below today. Normally I just delete but I was in an "entertain me" sort of mood. I wanted to see how good this jerk thief's plea for money was.

We've probably all seen the warnings on t.v. about people who fell for this sort of thing and are now in debt up to their eyeballs or the woman who just thought she had found a work from home job and was completely surprised when the FBI showed up and arrested her for laundering money.

I read this with an open mind trying to figure out what on earth would make someone think this is legit. As I read his promises of 1.6 million dollars in return for my assistance, the thing that makes me the warning bells start going off in my head (why not in other heads???) is "why me?" Out of all the millions of well known people with money in the world, a) why me, and b) why not contact me a more legitimate way???

The fact of the matter is this guy has sent millions of emails just like the one below and I am but a pawn in his game. And the email address was harvested by some robot... notice the email contains no personal reference to me??? (Since when am I a sir??) It really makes me sad that so many fall for this.

I am posting his email below with links and whatever other contact info he included... I feel no guilt about this as he has probably already hurt many with this scam. And as for the Icard which this thief is using to make himself seem legitimate, what do you want to bet, we could all go over there and create a business card for ourselves? Maybe I will be president of the U.S. on mine....


chungu mimi wants you to check out!


My name is Mimi Chungu I am from Luanda Norte in the Central district of Angola. I am presently in Cote d'Ivoire where I am on transit. I am contacting you for assistance in the clearance and transfer of Eight Million three Hundred Thousand Euro which was deposited in Finance Security Firm in Cote d'Ivoire.

This deposit came from private mining of diamond in our region which represent the major deposit of diamonds in my country. Coupled with the rebels activities which are sponsored by illegitimate sales of diamonds to foreign companies.

The local district heads conducted there activities for personal gains due to conflict in my region which has provided a heaven for local district heads before the intervention of the government forces which controls our areas forcing most of the locals out of the country.

Hence I will require your assistance in transfer and receivership of this deposit and for your compensation you will have 20 percent of the total amount and five percent will be used for logistics.

For further details please call me directly on this number +225-08-541-351 Please remember that this offer is very confidential and requires strict confidentiality. Waiting for your response.

Mimi Chungu

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Anonymous said...

Holly, like you, I can NOT believe that anyone could fall for these things. I guess there really IS one born every minute. Pretty sad. In our local paper a few months ago, a woman was arrested for theft and fraud. A woman smart enough to work for a company which handled other people's money - fell for one of these scams and proceeded to 'borrow' some money from her clients to cover it! (shaking my head)

Anonymous said...

I guess some people are so blinded by the idea of getting rich quick that they don't stop and think that there's no such thing as a free lunch. That's a very entertaining scam email, most of the spam I get is for software. Thunderbird's email is good at catching the scam emails, so I don't get them very often.