Saturday, May 05, 2007

Just Making Sure...

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I went shopping today to pick out a Mother's Day Card. I've made hand-stamped cards for my mom for well over a decade but now that own a rubber stamp business... I have no time to make cards anymore.

As I searched, my thoughts started to wander to previous cards given to my mother.

I learned rather quickly as a little girl that my mother preferred really sappy emotional cards over the funny ones I like. There was a real internal drama in my heart the year I was living in Argentina for Mother's Day and realized there were only Spanish cards. (We have both Spanish and English cards here; why not there?)

I ended up writing my mom a letter about the sacrifices she had made for me and how much I truly respected and admired her. She still has it all these years later.

I found the right card for me and a silly one for Mabel to give Mother and started thinking about her reaction to the gifts I am sending this year. It gave me the giggles to envision Mother reading the card because she asks the same thing of both my sister and I every holiday.

"Did you read that?"

As if we happened to run into the store and pick up the first card we saw! I guess it's Mother's way of just making sure we actually mean those sappy things.

We do Mother Dear, we do.

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Anonymous said...

My mom loves cards with sparkles on them, so I make sure to get her one of those even though the sentiment written inside is so drippy I get cavities just reading them. I also get one "for Grandma" from Spot. I've tried to get him to put a pawprint on the card since obviously he can't write his name, but he doesn't like to. It was easier when he was a puppy-I'd show him the card he was giving Grandma and he'd take a bite out of it, thus personalizing it. ;-)