Thursday, May 17, 2007


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Can anyone guess what this is???

And, in case you were wondering... I still have insomnia. Check the time.


Sister--Three said...

Feathers on some bird?
Sis 3

Life at Star's Rest said...

That's a close up of peacock feathers! Sorry you're not sleeping, I know how that can wear you down. Carmon

Velvet Sacks said...

Carmon's right--it's peacock feathers for sure. I hope your bout of insomnia will pass quickly.

CreekHiker said...

OK... just too easy! I thought it looked like it might be an aerial shot of a beach with water and land... but that was at 2:30 in the morning! What do I know?!?!?!?

Jackie said...

Holly, I thought it might be some strange tire tracks! LOL Having never seen a peacock 'in person', you could have (and did) fool me! Glad to be able to catch up on your blog - and to find out you and Mabel are doing well. BTW - love her picture on the top!

CreekHiker said...

Jackie, Thanks! I think you are the first to notice the new picture. That is my absolute favorite picture of Mabel. I still can't believe I caught her in mid leap.

I'm with you on the tire tracks. I really thought it would take a few guesses.

Glad you are back on the blog!


Ordinary Janet said...

I thought it was a satellite photo of a very large beach or of a sea with a lot of wave action. I'd never have guessed it was a feather. Tire tracks was my #2 guess.

Great shot of Mabel leaping!