Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Two Steps Forward...

Macy spent her first day in the backyard yesterday as I had last for a while. She had company periodically. Her Auntie Rottrover stopped in to check up on her and my plumbers were here for the 3rd day! They love her and she, them!

I didn't want to leave her in the house as she's had three accidents...but none at all yesterday! When I got home, she barked at me and got all territorial. (So cute!) And so happy when she realized it was me. We played a bit and I put her in the car for some errands. Macy got to go to Atilla's house and we did neighborhood walkie. I wanted them to meet as 'tilla regularly hikes all the way from their house to mine some mornings. That's a round trip of well over 3 miles. Atilla likes to stop here for cookies and water. I kept Mabel's dish filled all the time for him! I thought the boys should know what they might find should they just come walking in my yard.

We worked on the cuddles a bit more and last night, I convinced her to stay on the sofa!

She let me pet her and fell asleep, snoring like a lumberjack for a few hours!!! Victory! Happy dance!

And I've finally started to understand her not wanting to go outside for final potty at bedtime. I have to leash her every night! And walk her in the backyard on leash, otherwise, she makes a beeline for the house! As I stood there begging her to come outside, I realized, she's used to being outside and she's afraid I'll shut the door and leave her there. Until she realizes that the big house is HER house and she's always welcome inside, we'll be leashwalking in our very own yard!
Kinda blurry but Macy is in the process of holding up her paw... She's beyond adorable when she does that!

Today is another matter with the cuddles... I'm working in the shop and suffering with allergies and still trying to determine if my computer is fixed... running here and there. I've stopped a few times and lured her up on the sofa. She comes up, gets the cookies and suddenly looks around in fear, as if she's realized she's done something wrong. She jumps down but now, instead of hiding, she will come and sit on the floor beside the sofa.

Baby steps.  I just love her so and I so want to make her understand she's STAYING. And she has nothing to fear.  I know it's going to take time. I feel so very blessed to have her! I told my brother in law this morning that she's the sweetest dog I've ever brought home. As I'm kinda known for my sweet dogs, that's saying something HUGE!


Unknown said...

<3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Sweet Mabel Lou <3

Unknown said...

Tell her it is her house as well as yours. And that you're not going to leave her like everyone else. I know you know they understand lol.

rottrover said...

Oh Miss Macy!! You just has the cutest face ever!! We can't wait to meet you!!

-Bart, Ruby and Oto

Millie and Walter said...

Glad to hear you are making progress.

Ruby said...

Sounds like thingies are goin' well!
Macy, you are one lucky doggie!!!
And a cutie patootie!!!!
All the dudes in Blogville are gonna line up to take you to the next shindig!!
Ruby ♥

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Oh lucked out and got the bestest Mama ever!!

Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

rottrover said...

I had to come back to see your cute face again!!

Piappies World said...

That's good work, Macy. You are lucky to have each other.

Piappies Fudgie,Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie

Linda@VS said...

I think you and Macy are gonna be great together. So glad you have each other.