Monday, June 16, 2014


Macy and Otto on the porch yesterday. Otto T. Rotto is hiding a ball in the porch sofa from Macy. Macy is hiding from the camera. These two crack me up!! Macy just adores him and he's so sweet with her, even when he shouldn't be...she bites his ankles and tail nub to discourage him from going in the pool!

Macy's integration into our larger pack is moving along. She's met all the boys except Hank. As he's so sick, that's not likely to happen. She met Ruby yesterday...we took them out for cheeseburgers and they were fast friends and sharing food like they've been pals for years!

Only Chloe and Sue are the only ones left to meet and then we'll try for Otto's pals, Roxy and Riley. The girl should be creek ready in a few more weeks.

In one step forward, one step back department...UGH... everything I made in my sale, has to go toward my plumbing bill (my wonderful plumber doesn't take plastic!) from a sudden leak in the back yard last week! So I'm NO closer to paying off Mabel's vet bill. ARGH! Just feeling hopeless...

But Mollie's auction has been extended. There some lovely things up for grabs!


Millie and Walter said...

Glad to hear Macy is making fast friends among your pack. Sorry to hear about the plumbing mishap. Those things never come at a convenient time. Can't wait to see my necklaces.


CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

They were mailed today!

rottrover said...

WHAT a pair!!

Ruby said...

OMD, you guys are soooo cute!! I am so glads you are gettin' on so well!! Macy, you are one cool chick!
Nows, get that ball! BOL
Ruby ♥
pees: Sendin' your Moms some AireZens...sounds like she needs them right now! And some margaritas...that always helps!! hehehe

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I came to give you some magic bubbles to make everything better.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hello it me again,,, my mommy is wondering if you have ever created little trinket jewelery or beads with a pets name painted or engraved on it,,, sort of like..
in memory of?
You make beautiful things,, we were looking at everythng.