Thursday, June 26, 2014

Her Life in Pictures: Eleven

I adore this first photo of Mabel and Bart (in the distance). When I think of being at the creek with my girl, I think of lying back on the levy with her nearby and how, when she was done, or wanting a pet or wanting to sunset watch with me, she would come and sit beside me. Or on me! So many of my favorite sunsets have her big old head in them!

We got our fences redone thanks to a wind storm and our pal Chloe came over to hang out with her dad while he rebuilt them. Lots of fun times on the porch, in the yard and ice cream treats for the girls:

Mabel's beloved Baby went missing for a bit that summer... there was much happiness when she was found. (This photo made me cry.... I still sleep with Baby Lou! )

I took this photo for a contest for Frosty Paws we were hosting. A rare shot of her looking in the lens!! One my all time faves. Later I would win a free 9x12 print from a printing company and this one is in my bedroom so I wake looking in those eyes!

I haven't written a lot about Macy yet...but she is the MOST agreeable dog ever. I'm not accustomed to my dog being OK with everything I do. I'm accustomed to having to argue my point! Mabel had a freaking opinion about everything! And never hesitated to let me know her views! She was pissed at me here. Now that I don't have a dog that's pissed off at me several times a day, I find it so funny!

Another all time fave pic is from the priceless look on Mabel's face in this next shot. She was in the airplane with me when she suddenly realized this "car" was no longer on the ground and was in fact over the ocean! The look of wonder just makes me giggle!

Mabel still loved her tennie balls!

And adored her "cuddle time!" I could  work a 16 hour day and Mabel simply would NOT go to bed until we cuddled. I miss that SO MUCH!

Mabel's manipulation of humans did not stop with me. She refused to save this poor drowning stick until her auntie Rottrover was off her phone. She's making sure Auntie is paying attention here:

Hilarity ensued when Baby Lou fell off the bed.

And Summer started early...90 before 9 in the morning in May. Glad she had some water!


Millie and Walter said...

Another great tribute to Mabel Lou.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you for Baby Lou... I still have Frosty's collar in my bedside cabinet to have a piece of him on my side

rottrover said...

I love the pissed-off face!!

Dory and the Mama said...

What an expressive girl Mabel was!!