Wednesday, December 02, 2009

SUPASTAH in the 'hood!

I'm not one to be star struck... It's happened only once or twice. Lucille Ball, my childhood idol had me drooling into a cocktail at my very first ever Hollyweird party. And then there is the infamous job interview with Christopher Lambert. But that was more of a guttural, sexual reaction than simply being star struck.

But tonight (Tuesday, 12/1 as I type), I got a little giddy when I realized a SUPERSTAR is in the neighborhood.

I know this young, hunky, beef-cake(OMG! Did I really type that outloud???) graces Sunland - Tujunga with his presence from time to time. I know this because I know his mom.

She lives in a rather unusual distinct, I dare not describe it here, for a single word would give it away! (Although, her son has described it numerous times on Leno and Letterman.) I know her from swimming at the local Y where I went daily for almost a year, trying to build up my strength and learn to walk again after my surgeries. I was rather fond of her and, even though we don't really see each other any more, when I pass her house, I always see her little car in the driveway and smile.

But tonight when I passed, her little car was not in the drive; It was parked on the street. In it's place was the BIG MOVIE STAR'S SUV!!!

And I'm not so sure I'm giddy because a major box office star is in the ' much as it just warms my heart that a nice young man, who has a lot on his plate, still finds time to visit his mother.


Anonymous said...

so, who is it?? Tell!!

umm...he makes his mama park in the street when he visits?

CreekHiker said...

First, he couldn't make her do anything... but he does get chased by the paps alot... I imagine she did it to allow him quick and easy access to her home.

While there is a big clue to who it is in the blog, for the family's sake, I won't publish any comment here that has the name!

Feel free to email!

rottrover said...

what exactly is a beef-cake? is it anything like a crab-cake?

Anonymous said...

Beefcake is a hunk. Crab cake is a vegetarian hunk.