Monday, December 28, 2009

Chicken Liver Brownies (for Sick Pups)

I wanted to share this recipe from my brother-in-law because I have several friends in ailing pups. My brother-in-law raised dogs his whole life and has boarded and cared for show dogs my whole life. Many times, he would have a dog that refused to eat. He would make this recipe for them and most of the time, the dogs would eat it. Once they got a taste for it, he would crumble it in their regular food, getting them to eat more.

1 lb Chicken Liver
1 C. White Flour Plain
1 C. Corn Meal (or a whole meal flour)
Garlic Powder (leave out is your dog is sensitive)

Pulverize liver in blender. Mix flour and corn meal cover top with seasonings. I use about 1 t. but just mix the dry ingredients until they smell good. Pour liquefied livers over dry ingredients and mix well. Batter is very sticky.  Line cookie sheet with foil, spray foil with Pam. Bake15 minutes at 400 degrees til it bubbles on top. Allow brownies to cool. Cut in inch squares.

Store the cut pieces in the freezer. To serve, remove one brownie from the freezer and microwave it 20 - 30 seconds. A sick dog may prefer just a nibble or two at a time...the whole piece can seem overwhelming. But the brownies crumble easily. They also make fantastic treats for all doggies.


ordinaryjanet said...

It'd be interesting to know just how much of the spices to add-I've heard that garlic isn't good for dogs, so I'd go easy on all the spices-probably just a little bit of all of them. I'm glad you didn't say "season to taste" because no way I'm going to put chicken livers in my mouth!!

I don't know if I could make this stuff-I think the chicken livers would make me gag. But if it meant my (theoretical)sick dog would eat, I'd do just about anything.

CreekHiker said...

Janet, Believe it or not, I season by smell! And I HATE the smell of livers!!! But 1t. each is good.

I happen to think garlic is good for them! I use about a tablespoon of that as I've always had dogs that love garlic. Several would eat it raw!

ordinaryjanet said...

Yeah, Spot loves spaghetti and sauce, and my vet's assistant gave me a recipe once for ground beef & rice for sick pups, and she included a teaspoon of garlic.

Raw garlic, eh? Now that makes 'em kissable! ;-)