Saturday, December 26, 2009

It WAS Tennis Balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom got home last night while I was up at the Rhodie's house. My auntie brought me home and my doggie door was shut. It was cold so I ran around the back of the house and then I noticed the light on in the bedroom!!!! I got so excited, I ran back to the door and there was my mom!!!!!!!!! Yay, Momma's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She hugged and kissed me and we rolled on the floor for a long time. I couldn't decide which end I wanted her to pet first so I turned in circles so she could pet me all over. I like my momma's pets!!! Then, she called me into the bedroom to her luggage and gave me some ham and some fried turkey sent by my Granny! Yum!!!!

And then she gave me TWO beef jerkies and we went for a neighborhood walk. I was so happy to walk with my momma!!! We came home and I GOT TO OPEN MY PRESENT! I got TWO tennis balls! I couldn't decide which one to play with first so we played with both.

Then we curled up on the sofa and played some more. It was a great Christmas night! But I have to go... We're going to breakfast but first.... WE'RE GOING TO THE CREEK!!!!!!!!

Happy Hollydays everyone!!! Thanks for keeping me company while my mom was gone!


rottrover said...

ham AND tennis balls?? man. all we got was beef jerky. oh, and the stolen fudge....

B & G

Anonymous said...

Oh, boy! You sure got all the presents you wanted! I bet you want your momma to go away again so she'll bring you back more goodies!