Saturday, December 12, 2009

How Very American

I was quite miffed the other day when I saw Aretha Franklin on The View. The hostesses inquired about that fantastic hat Ms. Franklin wore to the inauguration in January. The Smithsonian Museum wants it but has not gotten it.

Ms. Franklin stated, "I'm considering it. But, we haven't come to terms..."

Haven't come to terms???? What terms??? They want it. SEND IT TO THEM! PERIOD!

Maybe it's the two trips to Washington DC I took as a child, both highlighted by trips to various Smithsonian museums, that makes me feel this way. These places are living history.

And the thought that some petty music superstar can't come to terms with donating a hat...

She won't wear it again... does she want visitation rights? Can't be that... everyone can visit.
What other terms could there possibly be? That really leaves the issue of money. Does she want remuneration? While tacky, surely some donor will step up and reimburse her for the damn hat.

And I guess that makes Ms. Franklin very American.


Snowbrush said...

I'm with you on this one. I can but assume she wants to make as much for it as she could make at auction. I never liked her anyway; now I just dislike her more.

Anonymous said...

You're right-it's a damn HAT, not the Hope diamond. Maybe she's quibbling over the size of the plaque? or wants it in the First Ladies' Gowns collection? Bizarre.

rottrover said...

it was one hell of an amazing hat...

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Snow, I agree. I had friends do a shoot with her once and their experience has shaded my opinion of her ever since.

Janet, hadn't thought of those options but still...if the Smithsonian wanted any piece of my junk collection, I'd consider it an honor!!!

Rott, true dat... but, just give them the dang thing!!!!