Tuesday, December 08, 2009

2:46 and All Is Not Well

I have a rather unusual skill: a mental alarm clock. Not only do I have and uncanny sense of what time it is without looking at the clock, I can simply "tell" myself what time to wake up and generally do it! For really important days, I still set an alarm clock...would not want to be late for a job interview! But mostly, I can just think about what time I need to wake and then do it.

Saturday afternoon, I desperately needed a nap. And Miss Mabel desperately needed a walk. Not wanting to sleep til dark, I told myself, "I want to sleep for about an hour." Not wanting to contend with an unhappy pup, I set the alarm anyway. Exactly 58 minutes later, I was awake. No alarm needed.

The downside of this is, if I awaken in the middle of the night and stay awake for a certain period of time...I keep doing it. Last week I woke up at 2:46 and stayed awake until 4:45. And every day since... 2:46 and I'm wide awake.

And since I'm stressed with all I have to do before I fly to Baton Rouge next week... I've been getting up to get stuff done. It often takes weeks to break the habit but at least I'm productive!

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Anonymous said...

Hope that once you get to B.R., you'll relax a little bit-insomnia is not fun!