Wednesday, December 09, 2009


That storm on Monday dumped the most snow I've seen since I moved here in the winter of 2000-01! And snow on the mountain means...more water in the creek.

This is the view from my front yard:

The southern part of Mt. Lukens got a light dusting too:

We were so happy to see sunshine after days and days of gray, we raced to the creek. We ran into one of the rottie-boy twins that we adore.

He and Mabel had a nice frolic in the water.

I've always said Mabel Lou was part pig because she loves to wallow in mud...this just proves my point! Look how happy she is!
We hiked down to the falls and the deer carcass had washed away down the stream. There was much more water than yesterday. I love seeing it flowing all the way down to the freeway.

Just had to add this one of the sweet boy! I just wanna kiss that "rotten" face! Note the eye goobers - every dog we know has had them since the fires! Poor babies!!!

With all this snow in the neighboring mountains, it's COLD! At 5:30 Tuesday night, it's 38 degrees on my covered back porch!


Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that the cold makes the dogs perkier? Spot sure likes to frolic when it's cold!

rottrover said...

LOVE THOSE!! Thanks. Bart's famous :)