Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Still of Christmas Night

I got home from my trip on Christmas night - as Mabel has already shared. After spending some quality "rug time" with my girl, I leashed her up for a neighborhood walk.

It was brisk night and getting kind of late - almost nine - and the neighborhood was unusually quiet. But as we strolled past the houses, inside the warmly lit windows you could see all kinds of holiday happenings:

  • A drowsy little girl sitting in her grandpa's lap, reading a story.
  • Families gathered around the table, laughing.
  • A family playing charades.
  • A group of people outside barbecuing steaks, steam billowing off the hot grill.
  • A couple un-decorating their tree.
  • A man and his children helping his parents load their car for the trip home amongst whispered thank yous, goodbyes and hugs.
  • A group of smokers, standing on their porch, caroling to their non-smoking family on the other side of the window. The non-smokers would carol back louder and then the smokers would answer back, laughing all the time.
Originally, I thought I would be so sad to be home, especially once I learned none of my California adopted family could pick me up at the airport on Christmas afternoon. I was feeling very out of sorts when it took me almost three hours to make the ten minute trip home by shuttle van.

But a little quiet time with my pup and knowing that some families are actually happy at Christmas was a really nice homecoming present.


Snowbrush said...

Not too bad, all things considered. Sounds like you had a good trip and arrived home safe to your loving doggie.

Peggy flew to North Carolina this morning, and got stuck in Salt Lake for four hours due to deicing problems in Eugene, making it 10:00 p.m. when she finally arrived in Raleigh. I broke my glasses today. Bonnie just spent two nights and $1900 at the emergency vet hospital due to something called Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, from which she might very well die, possibly soon. She's supposed to take several pills three times a day, but I can't give them to her because she's not eating, making it impossible to mix them with food, and I can't force them down here throat because my arm will be lying useless in a sling for another month. Neighbors are helping. Some Xmas, eh?

CreekHiker said...

Snow, I'm so sorry to hear of Peggy's flying troubles and of Bonnie's illness. I commented on your blog about chicken liver brownies.... I think I may just turn it into a blog post.

Anonymous said...

I hate shuttle rides!! Glad you're back safe and sound.

Interesting people you saw on your walk!

I hope Snowbrush's luck turns around soon, sounds like a run of bad luck. Sorry to hear about Bonnie.