Saturday, September 29, 2007

Good Enough for Oprah; Not for Me

Warning: Highly political post today.

Ms. Oprah Winfrey came out in support of presidential wannabe Barack Obama a few weeks ago. Although she is not technically a journalist and is free to openly support whomever she sees fit, I have to wonder about all the "sheeple" that follow her every whim.

Oddly enough, he is the only presidential candidate I have made my mind up about. He will not be getting my vote. The reason? His recent appearance on Piolin's popular Spanish radio show here in L.A. There, Obama promised illegal alien reform "including legalization" if elected and promised to come back on Piolin to "work on the issue" as president.

Living here in Los Angeles, otherwise known as "Upper Mexico," this issue is the one thing I see as affecting every single social problem in this once great country of ours. And a few international issues are affected by this as well.

Our schools are overcrowded. Teachers spend more time on discipline and basic language skills than they do teaching. Gee, close the borders.

Salaries are actually dropping because cheaper labor is abundant. I've actually had this happen to me. A boss once proclaimed that my staff was the most "overpaid" at the company. Funny, it was the least money I had worked for in a decade. He claimed that he could hire a producer for less than half of what I was making. That amount would barely cover rent on a single style (one 400 sq. ft. room) apartment in L.A. My response: "Just because you can, doesn't make it right." Gee, close the borders.

Our hospitals are closing in alarming numbers. This is a huge problem in here. Emergency rooms cannot turn people away and yet many illegals' only form of medical insurance is to go the ER. So many default on paying their bill that hospitals go bankrupt. Gee, close the borders.

Illegal alien criminals use our open border policy to avoid conviction. The case of the murder of Deputy David March is a prime example. This happens over and over here. A murder or other horrible crime is committed and they flee back across the border where our law enforcement cannot touch them. Gee, close the borders.

Identity theft is on the rise.
Illegals steal use our identities to get jobs and costs victims over 50 billion / year. Gee, close the borders.

Our national language is fast becoming Spanish or so it seems. There are Spanish signs everywhere. Every manual for every gadget comes in both languages. I tear out the Spanish and throw it away. I refuse to provide storage in my overcrowded house for something I have no use for. Standing at my ATM and feeling vulnerable, I have to waste time telling the machine what language I speak.

While it does make good business sense to offer things in Spanish, it is the sense of entitlement that annoys me. When I lived in Argentina, I expected no one to cater to me in English. I quickly learned to speak production terms and food. It served me well as all I did was work and dine out. But here, they just expect everyone to bow to their needs instead of learning the language of the country they so want to live in. One Chicago suburb is facing a $30 million lawsuit because paramedics had a non-English speaking babysitter sign a form declining care in English and the child in her care suffered brain damage. Gee, close the borders.

Terrorists have hired coyotes to bring them across the border from Mexico to Texas. Gee, close the borders.

If these issues aren't affecting you where you live, give it time. They will.

In researching this article, I found that Hillary Clinton appeared with Obama at a La Raza convention in Miami and also promised to create immigration reform. While I don't think any candidate running for president really gets it, I cannot support anyone who promises to make those that broke our laws to come here legal citizens. That's just a slap in the face to those that follow the rules.

The fact of the matter Hitler quit invading Europe; the Irish potato famine ended; things settled down in Cuba and so on. Every great wave of immigration we've had came to an end. Except for the one we have now. It's a flood with no end in sight. Not until we have politicians who care about the quality of life for those who can actually elect them. Ones who realize that, in addition to closing the borders, we need to put an end to our "anchor baby" policy of government. I believe when our forefathers wrote the 14th Amendment, their idea was to encourage newcomers to stay and help make this country great. That's not happening any more.

While writing this, I received an email from a friend. In it there was a link to pick a candidate based on your issues. Joe Biden was my highest ranked... I'm not even sure who he is. But I'm going to find out.

No matter who our next leader is, I wish that each voter will research the candidates and pick the one that deals with the issues that are important to them. More importantly, don't take the right that our forefather's fought so hard for lightly. It is a great privilege that we live in a country where we do have a voice, even if we have to shout to be heard sometimes.


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Anonymous said...

This is thought-provoking. The preponderance of Spanish everywhere has long annoyed me, and I think that all immigrants should learn English and not expect to have Spanish everywhere. If I moved to France, I accept that I'd have to learn French, so the same thing should apply here.

What I really want to know is, when is enough enough? Will the US have to accept the entire population of Mexico and Central America? It burns me up that instead of trying to reform their own countries, they're giving up and fleeing here. Maybe Americans will wind up immigrating to Mexico when it gets too crowded here. Then we'll demand that all the signs, labels, etc. be in English.

I might be underinformed about this topic. I don't have a problem with people immigrating here, as long as they do it by the rules, like everyone else had to. It boggles the mind.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, I have no problem with the ones who follow the rules. But if you break the law to come here, which other of our laws are you willing to break?

Anonymous said...

What concerns me even more is the cost of health care and other services to illegals. They aren't paying taxes to help offset the cost. This is what the terrorists want-to break America's back financially. There has to be a better way to keep people from entering the country illegally.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, I had a friend email me about this. She thinks we should give everyone a number upon entering. But, they MUST pay taxes and their bills, have car insurance, etc. If they don't, home they go. She also says to tax them upon entering. They pay the coyotes thousands, why not pay our government and allow us to start to recoup the costs?

I think she's on to something!