Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh My!!!

Wow! After our 110 + heat just a few weeks ago, fall is having her way with us here in Cali. Today, it was breezy and cool. I wore a thermal undershirt all day. Tonight, it's snuggle weather. I'm sure Miss Mabel will be in the mood to cuddle. The Weather Channel is predicting snow in our local mountains for Friday / Saturday!!!!

Of course, our hotter months here can be September / October but it's been such a weird weather year already, I am so grateful for the cool air!


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Anonymous said...

I thought fall was here to stay last week, but summer came back-we had the a/c on yesterday evening and probably will turn it on later this afternoon. Enjoy your cooler weather!

Linda@VS said...

It's Sunday and I'm curious. Do you have snow-capped mountains yet?

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Velvet, You can't see them from my porch :-{ but they are very close by as it did snow up there.

We got over two inches!!! That's great for here - our avg storm is only 1/10th of an inch! It's been in the low 50s at night! What a change!