Monday, October 01, 2007

Engineering Problem

Sometimes, when I ponder God, I am certain S/He is an artist. The colors and sounds I see on my daily hikes constantly reinforce this. But, in reality, He's probably more of an engineer.

Think about it. Our bodies are an engineering marvel. The miles of veins and arteries that carry oxygen from the lungs to ...everywhere else. The fact that relatively tiny feet can not only hold up the rest of the body, they can actually move us around too.

That being said, I do think there are a few things that could have been made a tad better.

For example, why is that so many of us cannot control how much we eat? Is it that our mouths were made so sensitive to taste and texture that we don't hear our stomachs saying , "Enough already!"? And if we were made to stop eating at the the exact moment of satiation, would food taste good at all?

What about tears? I know so many people who have no control over their tear ducts. Mine are leaking uncontrollably as I type thanks to fall allergies. I could hardly work today because I couldn't see. And then there is the uncontrollable crying that comes with deep grief. The ugly cry where the nose scrunches up and the whole face distorts and the back ratchets to and fro as the tears fall. If we could control that, would we still have the wonderful, exhausted relief that comes after a good cry?

The worst bit of engineering in the human body is the sinuses. Even scientists debate their function. My own are either completely stopped up or leaking so much, I've taken to storing clean tissues in my bra(finally a good use for a bra!) - and dirty ones up my sleeve. And the sinus' are worse when I need to be sleeping. While every opening in the body seems to emit some type of fluid, the sinus' seem to run rampant.

So I've made a decision as I sit here struggling for every breath. When it's my turn to be God, I'm going redesign those puppies!


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Becky said...

Hi Holly!
My allergies have been horrible lately here in Korea. I don't get the monthly allergy shots I got back home and I am truly scared to even think about getting them here. So I am suffering and hoping the change of seasons will take care of it. Meanwhile, thank God for Allegra-D!

Anonymous said...

I've had fall allergies but so far it hasn't been too bad. (knock on wood, I'm going to get a whopper now.) I've also wondered why our bodies react so strongly to allergens-you'd think we'd have developed a better defense than tears and nose-blowing.

Hope you get some relief! And remember to search your sleeves before putting your shirts in the wash.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Becky, Claritin is only lasting about 2 hours! And my insurance won't let me have allegra.

Every time I get this sick I ALWAYS forget about my nasal wash. I did it last night and got some sleep! It really helps. Do they have Netti pots over there? It might help you!

Janet, Yes I check my sleeves often. I sure hope you don't get them this bad!

Annie said...

Neti pots have saved my sanity since living in the Arkansas where my allergies rage all year long.

Hurry up and come back as God(dess) Engineer and redesign those puppies.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Annie, they ARE amazing, aren't they? The funny thing is... I always forget about them. I will struggle for days and then remember! Once I start using it, my head gets a whole lot better fast!

Anonymous said...

well, further proof that blogs are educational-I never heard of neti pots, had to look it up. Interesting, I think I'll get one.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, Just emailed you some info. They really, really help!

Linda@VS said...

I've never heard of neti pots either and will definitely google the term to find out more.

Your comment about the engineering of the sinuses reminded me of something Gallagher (the watermelon-smashing comedian) said one time: (paraphrasing here) "If you think God never makes a mistake, then ask yourself why He'd put a drippy thing like a nose upside down over your mouth."