Sunday, September 16, 2007

Amusing Muse

Now that I have a few days worth of clarity behind me, I realize that I don't need a job til January. I had simply hoped to bolster my income this fall. And while I'm weighing my options, I thought I would post a few pictures of the girl that makes me smile every day.

These were taken months ago by our Rhodesian Ridgeback friends' mom. Seeing the water in the creek makes me a little melancholy.

How's that for a happy face??

The perfect "Mom, I'm sooo happy!!" look.

And Mabel's favorite "chew toy:" Sue's tail.


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Linda@VS said...

Tell your friend we enjoyed her photos, Holly. Especially the middle one.

Annie said...

Isn't it something how things can change in an instant. When I really let myself ponder that I am reminded to live fully in the moment for who knows what's next.

I hope you enjoy every contemporary minute, just like Mabel seems to be doing in the photos.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, and brought a smile to my face!

I confess that in the first photo, I was looking at the water in the creek more than I was looking at Miss Mabel.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

Holly, you have many 'things' to smile about, and Mabel is just one of them! Glad you are so positive. It's usually just a choice to make.

WichitaKsDailyPhoto said...

I see the ridge on Mabel's back.