Sunday, April 01, 2007

Feeling Powerful

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This is the story of a girl, a CEO and an Evil Bank.

Our heroine is an artsy type who does too many things to make a living and be true to artistic nature. She is very busy and more than anything, she hates paperwork. She has to set alarms in her computer to remind her to pay bills. As money is hard to come by, the girl pays her credit card bills in full every month because, otherwise, she would just be giving her money away.

The girl likes shopping at an international warehouse, mostly for dog food and gas for her jeep. The warehouse has its own credit card, issued by an Evil Bank. Every month, often a day before her bill is due, the girl's computer alarm goes off and she signs onto the bank website to pay her bill. She is shocked to learn that the Evil Bank does not post her payment for several days, making her payment late. The Evil Bank then charges her a late fee and finance charges. This makes the girl very mad.

When it happened for the second time recently, the girl called the Evil Bank, pointed out she was online before the deadline. The Evil Bank explained that it's their prerogative to post things when they get around to them and that no, they could not refund her money as they did that a few months back.

The girl spent some time talking to higher and higher managers before giving up on the Evil Bank. Our story could end here...rather sadly but, the girl had an idea. She would write the CEO of the warehouse store and tell him how badly she was being treated.

Most people might think that would be a waste of time but the girl had written this man before. He has quite a reputation for being a "man of the people."

A few years back, our heroine was in a wheel chair and was having a different sort of problem with the same bank card. The darn thing demagnetized every week or so rendering it useless. She complained to her local warehouse to no avail. She then got the idea to write the CEO.

Her letter was very powerful, describing in detail the frustration of waiting in line to buy gas, getting her crutches, hopping to the pump and finding out her card didn't work. Then she would hop back to the car, drive to the warehouse and pray that one of the few handicapped spots would be vacant. If she found a parking spot, she would hop to the back of her jeep, get her wheelchair, roll inside and wait in line to put cash on a gift card and then get back in line for gas.

Mr. CEO gave the girl TWO credit cards so that she would always have a spare. She was told by an accountant with the warehouse that she was the only person in the WHOLE WORLD to have such a privilege. Needless to say, our heroine has always held Mr. CEO in very high regard.

So she wrote another letter detailing how the Evil Bank was treating the valued customers. She implored him to use a kinder, gentler bank - one that valued customer service the same way his warehouse does. And, on a lark, she decided to fax the letter to the Evil Bank. But before she did, she took out a fat marker and scrawled across the top: "To anyone at the Evil Bank that gives a damn!"

A few days later, she received a letter from the Evil Bank. It seems they have made a deposit into her credit card account and are very sorry for any inconvenience. The girl was quite tickled as the Evil Bank put more money into her account than they stole from her in the first place. She can't wait until she hears from Mr. CEO because right now, she's feeling like she can move mountains!


Linda@VS said...

Wow! This little story gave me goosebumps, Holly. Chalk one up for the good guys--and tell our artsy heroine I'm proud of her!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I do not like Bitacle or the Evil Bank because they are dumb.

Speedcat Hollydale

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Velvet, Thanks so much. Even though I've been the "squeaky wheel" many times, I'm still dumbstruck when I get results!

Speedcat, I agree.