Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Crappin' Out

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Just wanted to pop in and say hi. I had food poisoning over Easter which really pooped me out - pun intended.

I ate nothing abnormal... but actually fell ill hiking. I doubled over with pain mid-trail, crawled to a rock and waited. The pain passed and I was determined to get Mabel to the water. I walked about 10 feet more before high-tailing it through cactus to the car. I almost made it back to main trail before realizing I would never make it home. I ducked into a ravine and spent the next 10 minutes violently ill. I buried the evidence in sand and rocks and drove sticks into the ground and finally made it to the car. Poor Mabel never made it to the water and didn't even try to go run in the field. She knew I needed to get home.

I took a shower and drank a ginger beer (ginger ale brewed like a beer = better for sick tummies) and decided all had passed. I got dressed and went to the Easter party I had been invited to. Stupid, Stupid me.

In reality, I just didn't want abandon my best friend. Her sis-in-law was hosting what we thought was a small family gathering - eight of us. Imagine my surprise when I happened to sit next to a well-known local artist on Saturday during my art group's paint out and found out that she would be at the same house I was going to on Easter Sunday. AND that this "small family gathering" was now 25 people big. Neither my BF nor I like big gatherings without sufficient time to mentally prepare... and this just was NOT enough notice.

But I felt FINE all through dinner and stupidly ate TWO huge helpings of the best cabbage salad ever... probably NOT the best thing for a sick stomach.

Before it was all over, I was deathly ill in our hostess' very posh bathroom and spent the rest of Sunday and most of Monday running for the bathroom.

Couple that with going through a refinance on my house... no two ways about it, my loan is going to be about $300 more per month... and this 1958 house is screaming for some repairs and my dang rototiller is on the fritz and I'm already a month behind on putting in the garden and... and... and... I'm just not sleeping and doing too much worrying about everything.

Here's the recipe for the cabbage. This is great and a fairly cheap way to make a lot of salad.

1 head cabbage
Stems of bunch of green onions
Handful of chopped, unsalted cashews
Cheap Italian Dressing

Chop cabbage and stems of onions, toss in cashews. Place everything in a plastic bag and pour in enough dressing to coat everything. Toss, serve and smile at the compliments.


Only I could finish off a post about food poisoning with a recipe... guess my appetite is returning! Hope you all are having a fabulous week.


Anonymous said...

OMG, Holly! Hope you are feeling all well by now. Sounds like that was a horrible experience. And good luck with that "too much worrying" thing...I do the same thing, though.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Thanks Jackie. My tummy is better and I'm trying real hard to deal with the other "crap."

Linda@VS said...

Well, Holly, you really got in touch with nature on that hike, didn't you? ;-)

I hope you're feeling better and can get your mind off your worries long enough to get some restful sleep. Don't know about you, but my coping skills improve dramatically when I sleep well.

The recipe is interesting--not ingredients I'd have thought to put together, but I'm eager to give it a try.

Be well.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Velvet, Thanks as always for your well wishes.

Do try that recipe!!! I'm still dreaming of it even after getting sick! (That's the ultimate compliment.)