Saturday, June 04, 2011

Play & Rest

We found our friend Atilla and his poppa down a small ravine last week. He was doing a little late evening sun baking. To my surprise, Bart and Mabel joined him - for a bit.

And then they played

And you wonder why Mabel "thinks" she's a bad a$$??

And then - it was time for more sun baking...

Uh, Mabel??? You're blocking our rays girl!

That's better!

Time to tussle!!!!!

'tilla gets Mabel...

Mabel gets 'tilla.

And rest

'tilla boy gets her good!  (Bart gets scritches!)

No puppehs were harmed in the filming of this blog.


Mango said...

Bite face, rest, bite face, rest, sun bake, bite face, rest. Good times.


rottrover said...

Mango totally gets it!! What a fun time you all had!!

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

Priscilla said...

You had a terrific time!