Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mabel and the Ducks

I immediately got lots of questions about what Mabel thinks about all the ducks. She was being such an angel, I was going to run this photo... as a joke:

I told Mabel that these were our babies and we had to protect them and she was in charge of racoons. The babies and their mom seemed to be a non issue. Mabel would notice / acknowledge and get on with her business. 
We got used to their comings and goings. Mallory Mallard had a routine of swim, walk, hunt, sleep that was repeated many times a day. 

Babies resting after a swim

Marching back from a hunt

Mallory and "Evan" - the name we gave the last duckling - there was always one - that wasn't with the others.

But seconds after that photo was taken, Mabel tired of her auntie (my hiking buddy) and her mom admiring the ducks. I could tell by her body language  that it was jealousy! Even though auntie was petting her, she had had enough. She took off for the ducks! I took off to body check her and yelled for auntie to get the water hose. 

Auntie instead threw big pieces of pottery off my porch! I was terrified it wouldn't be Mabel that hurt the ducks but that they would be smashed! 

I shooed Mabel away and  as all the ducklings got in the water safely. It was terrifying! Mabel got a good hose down for her actions and stayed in the proverbial doghouse for a long time.

But it freaked her auntie out so bad, she started doing research... it would be 2 months before they could fly! Could I / Mabel handle two months of this? In prime swimming season??? Hmmm.


rottrover said...

We're glad you took so many pictures :-)

K9friend said...

Remind Mabel that she's not a retriever!


Mango said...

I would think that momma duck would be quite scary if she ever took a peck at Miss Mabel. But better safe than sorry. Those ducklings are cute and all, but they also kind of look like snacks.


Priscilla said...

You've such a big family now!!! Mama Duck and her ducklings are really cute.