Thursday, June 09, 2011

Job Outlook

I was driving across a parking lot between Costco & Lowe's and saw a huge line outside one of the little mini strip mall buildings. 

I circled around to get a better look:

These two huge lines of people were queued up to apply for a very limited number of jobs at... Panda Express! These were not the typical set of teens you would expect to see. Many were in there late twenties and several looked to be my age. And each line was around 30 - 40 people deep and more were looking for parking! The economy is still that bad folks!


Unknown said...

It doesn't look good at all!

rottrover said...

WOW!! Did Mabel apply?? Oh I forgot. Mabel doesn't "take orders"... hahahahah!!


the booker man said...

BOL @ gizmo!!
seriously, though, it makes me sad inside that all those peeps (and many more) don't have jobs and need them. :(

the booker man

Snowbrush said...

And maybe getting worse.