Thursday, June 02, 2011

Food Scraps

I finally downloaded all the pictures I've been taking on my phone for MONTHS!

This photo was taken on 2/23/11. Because I could never predict traffic, some days I found myself in Santa Monica with an hour or so to spare before work. On this particular morning, it was my co-worker and long time friend's birthday and since I know he HATES having a big to do on his birthday, I wanted to get him a treat well before the rest of the office came in for work.

The only thing open at that hour was a bagel shop. Parking is always a premium in Santa Monica but there was a small parking lot behind the store. It's normal to see trash bins behind shops but this one had an extra bin. They placed expired edibles in plastic bags inside the bin and clearly labeled it.

As a person who has friends that are considered homeless, it's nice to know that some businesses think about what they waste and who in the neighborhood might put it to good use!


Unknown said...

There are caring people around and this makes the world better!

rottrover said...


the booker man said...

that really is a wonderful thing to do considering the large amount of food that restaurants throw away!
i hope they don't have problems with mice/rats/etc. ripping into those bags, though.

the booker man and asa's mama

Dexter said...

The regulations for food disposal are so sad. I remember back when our cafeteria at work could bring the leftovers to a shelter, but now the department of health requires them to throw it out. Those bagels will make somebody very happy.

Mango Momma