Friday, June 03, 2011

My Creek Is a Magical Blessing

I love hiking at dusk because nature often rewards me with an amazing sunset. This photo was taken with my crappy phone on 10/01/10

On nights like this, I take the long way back to the car because the path runs North / South.  I can linger with the sunset and hopefully make it back before too many coyotes come out. I get a magical feeling from the dichotomy in my peripheral vision. The left side is already dark - a black and white contrast of night sky, stars and lights from houses on the hill. The right  is full of exploding color. It makes me feel as though I'm toeing some line in the Universe - one of darkness and one of light.

The darkness wins this battle but I am left with a grateful feeling - having shared such a moment of  beauty.



Girl Power Golf said...

Love it!

JanelDudleyBeads said...

Looks so peaceful!

the booker man said...

that's way beautimous, miss creekhiker, and i totally dig how you explained it as toein' the universe with one side dark 'n one side light! i wish i could come on one of your sunset hikes!!

the booker man