Friday, July 02, 2010

She Must Be Training for Something

This is a rather odd post, coming on the heels of my post about Mabel aging.

There's some big news in the canine extended family that I haven't shared because it's a lengthy story but the short version is the BFF has a dog now. Her part time dog Bart is now her full time dog. And after years of not allowing Mabel and Bart to interact (because we were told Bart hated other dogs), we introduced them at the creek. It was such a non-event!



Wanna hike?


And just like that, Mabel and Bart are hiking buddies. Bart is wonderful for the most part on the trails. He loves to wander but surprises us by sneaking off and coming out on the trail in front of us. So the BFF and I have been hiking daily, something I've tried to get her to do for years. I used to hike with her old dog but she claimed she hated being on the rocks and having to look where she walks. 

Bart seems to have changed all that. The BFF really loves being by the stream. She's still slipping and walking into things but she's getting so accustomed to it, she decided to bring weights to carry. It seems I hike at a slower pace and she darn near runs! 

So this morning, we are hiking along and she's carrying three pound weights in each hand. I saw Mabel look at them and didn't think much of it. As we rounded the levee, it was evident that some kids had been partying in the creek yesterday: beer cans and glass bottles everywhere!  I always have to pick that stuff up... it drives me nuts. Plus the kids will break the bottles on the levee and then the pups are tracking in broken glass. 

Since Mabel and Bart both take a dip in the creek when we get to this part, the BFF dropped her weights and helped me tidy up, knowing we had to pass by on the way out and could take the trash with us. The dogs finished swimming and were frolicking around us so the BFF went to pick up her weights...and one was missing! 

Miss Mabel was running around with it in her mouth! What else should I expect from a pup who plays tug of war with TREES??? 

 Photos copyrighted Holly Dare and Isabelle Thompson. 


Linda@VS said...

Mabel must have read your post about her physical condition and decided to get fit. Go Mabel!

Snowbrush said...

Before she went freakin blind, Bonnie loved big sticks. She would play fetch with them in water and up and down steep, overgrown hillsides too. Throwing things to her hundreds of times a week was the main cause of my rotator cuff problems.

Thanks for picking up other people's litter. We do it too. At least picking it up feels better than leaving it.

Anonymous said...

Love those pictures Holly! Glad the other dog wasn't mean, and thank you both for help cleaning up our Earth! You gals rock!

the booker man said...

teehee! way to go miss mabel...pumping some iron! ;)
the booker man

Anonymous said...

I agree with Velvet-Mabel can read, ya know!

That's one big stick she's got, hope you didn't try to throw it!

rottrover said...

Like we said...K-9 Liquid Health. Next she'll be running for governor!!
B&G and Ruby, too